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Best Sunday Brunch Spots In Montreal

Much more than just bacon and eggs.

A weekend is never quite complete without brunch. Wether you're eating it at home in bed or splurging on mimosas - a tasty brunch is an essential ingredient to a successful weekend. A drunken night out wouldn't be complete without clumsily piecing the night together over bacon and bloody Caesars the morning after.

Montreal has a lot more to offer than just typical diner-style and greasy spoon brunches, though. This city is filled with restaurants that offer a unique experience and their very own spin on the standard eggs and potato brunch formula.

Over the next few pages, we will look at some of the key brunch spots throughout the city that offer a lot more than just bacon and eggs. A combination of ambiance and quality food is key when shopping for your next brunch adventure. Here are a few good options to add to your list!

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