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Best Cafés In Montreal

It's a latte to handle.

For a long time commercial coffee shops such as Starbucks and Second Cup have ruled the coffee shop market in Montreal.  As a result, the independent coffee shops struggle. It's not easy paying prime real estate rent selling $3 coffee and scrambling to keep your prices competitive with the big chains. There is one thing, however, that commercial chains can rarely offer and that is authenticity, charm, and personalized customer experience.

In a climate of faceless commercial cafes stepping into an independently owned cafe can feel like a true escape into an urban oasis.  Local entrepreneurs work hard to create and a unique and memorable experience for their customers.

Let's keep these Montreal business alive! Take the time to visit local coffee shops. Grab a  cup, a quick lunch, or a full brown - and support these growing businesses.  Over the next few pages we will look at some key coffee shops in Montreal: some are brand new, some have been around for some time, but all provide a unique experience that a Starbucks could never offer.

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