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Over the past year, Instagram has grown tremendously. The app has over 75 million active users each day,  1.2 billion likes on individual photos and 55 million photos are shared every day! Instagram has slowly become one of the quickest and most fun ways to share photos with others and has become a means of showcasing one's views and perspectives. Montreal is home to some of the most creative and eye- opening Instagram accounts in the world.

User: @lachambredesign

Theme: Interior designer, of SUWU and Apt. 200 fame.

Posts: 483

Followers: 412

User: @borishalas

Theme: Expect the unexpected. Montreal street/nightlife photog's most candid and emotional shots.

Posts: 24

Followers: 290

User: @Faisalabuhaimed

Theme: Montreal, cars & life all shot in a very crisp and sexy way.

Posts: 352

Followers: 173

User: @hozen514

Theme: Montreal, iconic 514 landmarks and stunning points of view.

Posts: 284

Followers: 1041

User: @isaac_514

Theme: Street views and lights like you have never seen before.

Posts: 250

Followers: 803

User: @doubleyouwhy

Theme: Graphic artist and concert promoter at I Love Neon. This account brings you the best of a lot of behind the scenes shows.

Posts: 1063

Followers: 683

User: @jfsavaria

Theme: Perspectives and extreme detail of the city.

Posts: 1437

Followers: 2510

User: @livemontreal

Theme: Everything Montreal on a large scale.

Posts: 868

Followers: 49k

User: @myfatguyprobs

Theme: Food porn, food and more food... and some #selfies.

Posts: 882

Followers: 958

User: @tlemco

Theme: There is funny and then there is Tyler Lemco funny. This account never lets us down.

Posts: 855

Followers: 12285

User: @guillaumeboily

Theme: An overall superb view of Montreal who has quite an eye for perfection.

Posts: 642

Followers: 866

User: @maxime_pawlak

Theme: Cities, streets and rooftops that are candy to you eyes.

Posts: 225

Followers: 383

User: @montreal360

Theme: Everything Montreal, you will absorb each picture with awe.

Posts: 246

Followers: 477

User: @montrealinfashion

Theme: Fashion and life in Montreal.

Posts: 1182

Followers: 2020

User: @montrealistik

Theme: City perspectives, graffiti and uber urban areas of Montreal.

Posts: 903

Followers: 3888

User: @marinatotino

Theme: Subtly soft photography, a students pov of the city.

Posts: 73

Followers: 1616

User: @patrouilleur23

Theme: Photo journalism, stories through pictures that are on another level of powerful.

Posts: 652

Followers: 624

User: @sld_dls

Theme: Architecture, things and people. This account is a hidden gem.

Posts: 816

Followers: 648

User: @twoviewz

Theme: Urban life, underground scenarios shot almost perfectly.

Posts: 21

Followers: 230

User: @rozaywaxman

Theme: Ganja, fashion, life and pizza.

Posts: 194

Followers: 4739

User: @vesia514

Theme: Montreal in all it's glory.

Posts: 134

Followers: 675

User: @monitor_keeper

Theme: Snakes, Lizards... It's very out there.

Posts: 365

Followers: 217

User: @shutupandeatmtl

Theme: Everything food

Posts: 621

Followers: 9198

User: @threeeeyed

Theme: Perspectives, precision and Montreal

Posts: 190

Followers: 703

User: @maysr_smalldoor

Theme: People and small doors around the city. You will be fairly entertained. This man is a genius.

Posts: 241

Followers: 992

User: @dave_sidaway

Theme: Life, Montreal Gazette photographer supreme.

Posts: 627

Followers: 460

User: @jamiewecan

Theme: Emmaculate street photography of the city. Some of the best around.

Posts: 248

Followers: 205

User: @vivanacholibre

Theme: Nacho Libre is a great bar in Montreal with an equally great Instagram account. These guys make our day more often than not.

Posts: 509

Followers: 786

What's your favorite Instagram account?

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