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Oysters are, apparently, for everyone. Whether you like a salty East Coast oyster, a sweet West Coast oyster, a creamy, watermelony, Japanese Kumamoto oyster, or a gourmet oyster that tastes like milky grass and finishes with lemon -- the candy of the sea is something gooey you need in your mouth. Montreal is privilidged with proximity to good Oysters in P.E.I, Nova Scotia, and Cape Cod. Plus, due to the miracle of modern preservation and transportation techniques, we get Oysters from all over the globe! Here's some of our favorite places to slurp oysters in Montreal, let us know what we missed!

Joe Beef

2491 rue Notre-Dame W
Joe Beef is a Montreal institution, recognized worldwide, for dishes like bison tartare and lobster spaghetti. Beef also houses delicious, briny, juicy, plump, and freshly shucked East Coast oysters, to be consumed with just a squirt of lemon juice.

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La Boite Aux Huitres

7070 Ave. Henri Julien
Aqua Mare's La Boite Aux Huitres is a great oyster bar and testing ground for oysters of every shade. From sweet Pacific oysters, salty Atlantic's, wild raised oysters from Virginia, Xtra Jumbo Wiannos from Cape Cod, and West Coast Beach Angels, you need to "french kiss the sea" at La Boite Aux Huitres.

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Maestro SVP

3615 rue St. Laurent
Maestro is a seafood and tapas spot par excellence. Oysters here are whole and raw, baked, cooked in a salad, or in oyster shooters: oyster, vodka, lime, coriander, tabasco. 12 Beausoleil oysters for $18.

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Le Majestique

4501 St. Laurent
Home of the cream soda cocktail (tequila, campari, popcorn bitters and a splash of cream soda), is also home to good burgers and fresh oysters!

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Le Filet

219 Ave. du Mont Royal Ouest
Le Filet is a Montreal seafood restaurant with some flare. Oysters are served with Yuzu (Japanese lemon), Jalepeno, or with hon shimeji, truffle oil, and oyster cream. The fried oysters are also transcendent.

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Poissonnerie La Mer

1840 Boul. Rene Levesque Est.
La Mer has an enormous and impressive array of oysters from all corners of the Earth. They'll even let you try before you buy. You might think you'll go in for a free oyster, but you'll leave with a bag full, and giddily. This massive, always fresh, always lovely poissonnerie, is the one-stop-shop for your eclectic seafood needs.

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Restaurant Garde-Manger

408 rue St. Francois-Xavier
For those with expensive taste, Garde-Manger will not disappoint. The oysters are plump, fresh, with many varieties offered. Among them Village Bay ($2.50) , Wellfleet ($3.25), Standish ($3.75), Cape Spear ($2.75), Coleville Bay ($3.25).

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6289 rue St. Hubert
Gainzbar is a little different from a typical bar. There's two person tables, sofas, live music of many kinds, and book decorations. Plus tasty huitres!

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5201 Blvd. St-Laurent
The secret is out! Lawrence was $1 oysters from 5:30-7! That's the happiest hour there is! Large variety of oysters, but always fresh.


The Kitchenette

1353 Blvd. Rene Levesque E.
The Kitchenette is known for radical and sultry dishes like Beef Sirloin and Chilaquiles, Japanese tacos, and sopapillas with chicken skin. This diminutive open-kitchen restaurant also has fantastic oysters. Served with homemade Tabasco and tomatillo based mignonette, these fresh oysters are perfectly shucked.

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Kitchen Galerie Poisson

399 rue Notre Dame Ouest/60 rue Jean-Talon Est
This restaurant has a variety of main course options, from fresh fish to steak. Galerie also make great dirty Hendricks martinis and serve amazing oysters on the half shell of many varieties.

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La Salle a Manger

1302 Ave. du Mont Royal Est
Excellent food, casual ambience, and PEI oysters, need we say more?

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361 Bernard Ouest (Mile End)
This is an overachieving wine bar. With PEI and Nova Scotia oysters, entrees like Walleye and Halloumi Eggplant, Anabel has to be on your list.

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475 St. Alexis
As the name suggests, this restaurant has dishes like bison tartare and deer steak. In addition to these, there's wild and tasty experiments like "smoked meat style" duck and goat cheese cheesecake! Also very excellent oysters and a pleasant atmosphere.

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Liverpool House

2501 rue Notre Dame Ouest
Liverpool House, or Joe Beef Light w/ Lime, is the place for foie gras breakfast sandwiches, raw horse, and delicious REI, Maryland, (and 'mo), oysters.

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