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Best Pho Restaurants In Montreal

For a truly unPHOgetable meal.

Montreal's story is best told by the cultures which have come to represent and define our rich cultural heritage.  That said,  we all know that the Vietnamese community holds a very important place in the cultural fabric of our city. And - as usual, wherever people go, they bring along their cultural heritage with them.

Pho - and other delightful Vietnamese dishes - can easily be found at one of the many Vietnamese restaurants in our city. Yes, Montrealers LOVE their Pho. Every sip brings an exciting mix of flavors: it's warm, savory, a little sweet, a touch sour - but most importantly, it always hits the spot. Especially on those chilly winter nights.

Nothing warms the heart and soul quite like a comforting bowl of Pho. Like natures Gatorade, that natural chicken grease makes for an amazingly hydrating and nourishing hangover meal. If you love Pho, read on to find out more about the key spots to check out in and around the city!

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