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Best Montreal Ribs Restaurants

These places are finger-licking good.

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I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs. Ah yes, ribs. Devilishly messy to eat, but oh so tasty. Whether you like them dry-rubbed, or slathered up in thick BBQ sauce, this Southern comfort food is a classic for a reason. Now lots of places do ribs, we know, and this is by no means meant to be the definitive guide to ribs in the city, but it is a handy list of places to start if you are looking for some good ol' finger-licking' good ribs in Montreal.

So get out your wet-wipes, put on 'dem bibs, and dig into 'dem ribs!

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Le Boucan

Photo cred - Le Boucan

Le Boucan

1886 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Ever since being featured on the Food Network, Le Boucan has been pleasing crowds with their authentic southern-style smokehouse ribs cooked over a burning wood flame.

Half rack - $20 / Full rack -$28

includes 2 choices of sides



Photo cred - Moonshine BBQ

Moonshine BBQ

5625 Boulevard Décarie

Moonshine's ribs are no joke. Slow-cooked in their giant custom-made smoker brought in all the way from Missouri, you better show up with a larger-than-life appetite. Important to note, ribs are only offered in the evening.

Half rack - $18.99 / Full Rack - $28.99



Photo cred - Blackstrap BBQ

Blackstrap BBQ

4436 Rue Wellington

This Memphis-style Verdun smokehouse knows how to cook up some tasty ribs. Dry-rubbed with their secret spice and cooked for hours over apple and oak wood flames, Blackstrap ribs sure do pack a full-flavour punch.

Half Rack - $10.99 / Full Rack - $23.99



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Bofinger Barbecue Smokehouse

Various locations

As pretty much the first real Southern-style smokehouse in Montreal, there's no denying Bofinger's delicious fall-off-the-bone ribs. Slow-cooked and sauced to perfection.

Pork: Quarter Rack - $14.99 / Half Rack $17.99 / Full Rack $22.99

Beef: Quarter Rack - $15.99 / Half Rack $18.99 / Full Rack $22.99

includes choice of side


Bar B Barn

Photo cred - Bar-B Barn

Bar-B Barn

1201 Rue Guy

Bar-B Barn may be an obvious choice, but it's practically a Montreal institution. Bar-B Barn have been slow-cooking spare ribs to tender perfection since all the way back in 1967.

Quarter Rack - $12.65 / Half Rack - $19.96/  Full Rack $26.95

includes sides



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51 Rue Roy Est

If you're looking for some straight-up, no-fuss ribs, Icehouse is the place to get them. You even get your Dr.Pepper-BBQ ribs served up on brown paper directly on the table, cause ain't no one got time fo' plates.

Half Rack - $20 / Full Rack - $38

includes sides



Photo cred - Deville Dinerbar

Deville Dinerbar

1425 Rue Stanley

Don't let Deville Dinerbar's crazy neon-lit interior fool you,  their maple smoked, slow-cooked, glazed in root beer BBQ sauce that are Adam’s Ribs are pretty legit.

Adam's Ribs - $26


Seoul Chako

Photo cred - Seven Ocean

Seoul Chako

1824 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Not only does Seoul Chako deliver on tasty Korean BBQ ribs, but it's also all you can eat! Oh ya.

All-you-can-eat - $24.99



Photo cred - Diablos BBQ

Diablos Smokehouse Saloon St-Laurent

3619 St-Laurent Blvd.

This popular BBQ joint does quite a bit right, including their delicious succulent ribs. While their primary location is sadly closed these days due to fire damage, Diablos still deserve a mention. That said, a second location on the Main is now open.

Monday all-you-eat ribs - 25$ 


Tais Toi

Photo cred - Tais Toi et Mange

Tais Toi et Mange

5153 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Tais Toi et Mange is a relative new comer to Montreal, but that doesn't mean they don't know their ribs. Cooked 12 hours, their ribs are tender and come with 3 choices of sauce.

Portion of 4 ribs - $14.95

includes sides



Photo cred - Taverne Gaspar

Taverne Gaspar

89 Rue de la Commune Est

Located in a 150 year-old building, Gaspar match the historic vibe with some finger-licking good ribs, accompanied by their famous Jim Beam sauce.

Half Rack - $23 / Full Rack - $28



Photo cred - Resto Bar Le Cordon

Resto Bar Le Cordon

150 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Serving up some seriously tender and delicious ribs for over 40 years, Le Cordon delivers quality ribs every time.

Half Rack - $15 / Full Rack - $22

includes sides



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