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Best Montreal Summer Terrasses

Drinking and eating outside is the city's favourite passtime.

The sun is shining, the weather is finally warm enough for you to actually enjoy being outside, and the breeze is now gentle instead of painfully frigid. In short, life is good again in Montreal now that spring (and soon summer!) is here.

But as great as all of the aforementioned weather-related features of the season are, they combine to create something far more enjoyable: terrasse season in Montreal, which has all but officially begun.

And since every single bar/restaurant wants your hard earned dollars, there are tons of terrasses set up for you to choose from every season. Don't waste your time on duds, though, because summer is only here for a limited time only.

Enjoy terrasse season like a pro and head to the best the city has to offer, many (but not all, so don't impale me if your favourite spot isn't on the list) of which can be found below.

saintelizabethsPhoto cred - publesaintelizabeth

Pub Le Sainte-Élisabeth

1412 Sainte-Élisabeth

Why it made the list:

With ivy hanging from the walls, plenty of seating, and decent drink prices, there's a reason why Pub Le Sainte-Élisabeth's enclosed terrasse (which you have to enter the bar to get to, meaning no walking traffic to bother you) is often cited as among the best in Montreal. Simply put, it's a great space to relax with friends.


sainteambroisePhoto cred - bierestambroise

St-Ambroise/McAuslan Brewery

5080 Saint Ambroise

Why it made the list:

Located right next to the Lachine Canal, the St-Ambroise brewery's terrasse affords some of the nicest waterside views you'll get to enjoy this summer. Plus, there's simply something special about drinking beer that was brewed steps away from where you're sitting.


beneluxPhoto cred - beneluxruewellington

Benelux (Verdun)

4026 Wellington

Why it made the list:

Verdun may only have one bar, Benelux, but its terrasse is enough to meet the demands of borough residents, and then some. Incredibly spacious and with plenty of comfortable seating, Benelux's enclosed exterior terrasse is reason enough to head to Verdun.


barracaPhoto cred - barracarhumerietapas


1134 Mont-Royal E

Why it made the list:

What's better than a rhumerie that serves great tacos and tapas? One with a solid terrasse in the back, which Barraca definitely boasts. Simple but spacious, Barraca's terrasse will certainly meet your every terrasse need.


grenadePhoto cred - grenadebar


1603 Ontario E

Why it made the list:

Large, and with varied seating-styles and tables, the terrasse at Grenade gives you a lot of options. Then, when you factor in the resto-bar's amazing food and cocktails, you can definitely see yourself spending more than a few afternoons here.


ddcPhoto cred - brasseriedieuduciel

Dieu du Ciel

29 Laurier W

Why it made the list:

One of Montreal's most beloved microbreweries, Dieu du Ciel, also boasts an amazing terrasse at their Mile End bar, giving you the chance to enjoy a pint of their expertly crafted brews, all while taking in some sun. Good luck finding a spot though, because this terrasse is almost always full.


scenaPhoto cred -


Quai Jacques-Cartier

Why it made the list:

Bask in some rays right in the heart of the Old Port at Scena's bistro-terrasse, which is just as much about the food as it is the pitchers of beer/sangria. Get your grill on with some of Scena's delicious eats, sip on a drink, and enjoy the view of the water. Simply a perfect summer experience.


vicesetversaPhoto cred - vicesetversa


6631 Saint Laurent

Why it made the list:

Easily one of Montreal's best bars for its selection of beers and amazing food alone, Vices&Versa gets a serious boost in allure come summer thanks to its spacious exterior terrasse. And with the vast array of beers on tap, you can keep coming back to Vices&Versa's terrasse and try a different brew every time.


salloonPhoto cred - saloonbistrobar


1333 Saint Catherine E

Why it made the list:

Enjoying the pink balls strewn across the Village during the annual Aires Libre event is a summer-necessity, and one of the best places to do so is at Saloon's terrasse. The bistro-bar's terrasse is right on the stretch of Sainte Catherine where the pink balls hang (that's also turned into a pedestrian zone), allowing you to take in the summery vibe of the Village while you also enjoy a pitcher or two.


mckibbbinsPhoto cred - mckibbinsmontreal


1426 Rue Bishop

Why it made the list:

With both a street-side and courtyard terrasse, McKibbin's gives you tons of space to enjoy the best part of summer, which is drinking outdoors, obviously. Add in McKibbin's decent selection of bar grub and their daily live musical acts, and you have more than a few reasons to check out this Irish pub.


alexandraplatzPhoto cred - @segochato

Alexandraplatz Bar

6731 de l’Esplanade

Why it made the list:

A mecca for Mile-Ex hipsters, Alexandraplatz Bar should definitely be on the summer hit-list for every other Montrealer, because their terrasse is simply epic. Always lively (more than a few events are held here) and with an industrial ambiance you won't find in many other places in Montreal, Alexandraplatz's terrasse has a unique vibe all its own.


sainteciboirePhoto cred - pubsainteciboire

Pub Saint-Ciboire

1693 Saint Denis

Why it made the list:

In truth, there's nothing particularly amazing about Saint-Ciboire's terrasse, and that's what makes it great. Opposed to other terrasses in the area, which are too huge and overpopulated, Sainte-Ciboire offers you a chill, intimate alternative.


jardingamelinPhoto cred - lesjardingamelin

Jardin Gamelin

1500 Berri

Why it made the list:

Oh, Jardin Gamelin, you've only been around for one summer but you're already ingrained in our hearts. The ideal blend of food, music and drinking, in one large, public space; Jardin Gamelin is the open-to-everyone beer garden the city always deserved.


annie'sPhoto cred - anniespub


76 Sainte-Anne

Why it made the list:

Even though it may be out of the way for some, Annie's terrasse is a favourite among locals for its large seating space, view of the canal, and chilled out atmosphere. No doubt if you're in the West Island, you'll be drinking on Annie's terrasse sometime in the summer.


bistrodemoulinesPhoto cred - bistrodesmoulins

Bistro Des Moulins

10897 du Pont

Why it made the list:

Otherwise known as Montreal's "secret terrasse," Bistro Des Moulins's outdoor seating area truly is a gem within the city. Smack dab in the heart of Île-de-la-Visitation Nature Park, the terrasse combines natural splendour with great food and drinks, which is more than you could ever really ask for.


grinderPhoto cred - restaurantgrinder


1708 Notre-Dame

Why it made the list:

Even though Grinder may be a little bit too young-professional-trendy for some, none can ignore this resto-bar's legit terrasse setup. Chic and inviting, Grinder is one of the best places to take a date if you both want to enjoy a few drinks on a terrasse.



Photo cred - stationsdessports

Station des Sports

862 St-Catherine E + 2051 St-Catherine W

Why it made the list:

While there are other Sports Stations (to be an Anglo about the name) that boast terrasses, and we normally don't include large franchises on such lists, we do have to give a shout out to the two Sainte Catherine street locations for their setups. Both the east and west Sainte Catherine street Sports Stations offer incredibly large terrasses, each one allowing you to take in the vibes of two very different parts of the city.


manoirPhoto cred - manoirlachine

Brasserie Le Manoir

625 32e Ave

Why it made the list:

When you're in (or live in) Lachine, Le Manoir will provide you with the terrasse you're looking for. With a large outdoor seating space, providing you and your friends with plenty of space, along with a warm decor that instills feelings of familiarity, you'll feel right at home at Le Manoir even if you've never been.


suwubelmontPhoto cred - suwumontreal

Le Belmont + SuWu

4483 + 3581 Saint Laurent

Why they made the list:

While both Le Belmont and SuWu's terrasses are pretty damn great, we felt the need to combine the two into one entry simply for the fact that both outdoor seating areas are only set up for the sidewalk sales on Saint Laurent, when the street is closed down. Of course, many other bars have terrasses at that time, but if you want to chill at the best, head to these two.

SuWu Facebook, Le Belmont Facebook

planbPhoto cred - barplanbmontreal

Bar Plan B

327 Mont Royal E

Why it made the list:

Intimate, filled with greenery, and enclosed from the hustle-and-bustle of Mont-Royal, Plan B is the escape you need when you're looking to relax on a terrasse. Add in the fact that Plan B has everything on its menu, from snacks to champagne to creative cocktails, and you can see why this bar's terrasse is a favourite spot for many.


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