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Best Montreal Vegan Juice Bars

Drink up.

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It used to be that if you drink pressed juices, you were either a health nut weirdo were a health nut weirdo. But at some point, people realized that juices were the cheater's way to get at least three servings of fruits and veggies conveniently delivered through as a drinkable liquid. Then, juice cleanses became a thing, juices got mainstream, and now there are more juice and smoothie bars then you can shake a straw at. *

(* Six. That's the maximum amount of bars you can shake a straw at - six. That's a fact.)

Anyways, being vegan has exploded in trendiness, and the number of places eager to serve juices and smothies to you had multiplied in the past couple of years. Where should you go? Well, click here for the Best Montreal Vegan Juice and Smoothie Bars>

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La Panthere Verte

153 rue Mackay / 160 rue St-Viateur E. / 145 avenue Mont-Royal E.

Pretty much the vegan restaurant of Montreal, and their smoothies have cute names like Funky Monkey and Baloo Berry. How can you resist?



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DOSE juice

4 Place Ville Marie, Montreal, QC H3B Suite 12442 (Pop-up)/ Various locations
Not a bar - DOSE was started by a young Montreal couple as a brand of organic, cold-pressed juices (they do their pressing locally). While they so have a pop-up, you can find them in cafes, upscale grocery stores, and  spas.


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Aux Vivres

4631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2T 1R2
Okay, the other "the" vegan restaurant in Montreal. Aux Vivres serves delicious juices and smoothies in their airy Plateau location. Don't just go there for the juice, stay for vegan versions of other classic foods, like vegan souvlaki platters and tofu scrambles.



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Cafe Nutrimania

Nutrimania is all about "plant power" - you know, the power of plants. Interesting catchphrase, but good choice for a juice bar. Each of their smoothies are packed with different ingredients, and they have the nutritional info of each one available too.


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1525 Van Horne Outremont, QCH2V 1L4

Great and unpretentious choice for a juice bar in Outremont. You can grab a meal while you're there too.



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Liquid Nutrition

The company has been endorsed by famous athletes, trying to target the "post-work out power shake" market rather than the "vegan hippie" market. But they have a juice for just about every type of person, offering a ton of choices on their menu. They also have locations all over the island, making it the most convenient bar on this list.



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Rejuice! Nutrition

The original Montreal juice company - they do home deliveries, if you're really craving your daily order of fresh fruits and vegetables in liquid form.



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Jus Pur

The newest one to open, serving a huge variety of fresh juices.



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Jus Enzymes

Various locations

Quality and environmental friendliness - what more can you ask from a juice company? They even make a vegan eggnog (well, "Cashew Nog"), perfect for the holidays.


Best Montreal Vegan Restaurants

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