Best Poke In Montreal

Fresh, flavourful, and oh-so delicious!

If you ask anyone in the world (or in my office) what my favourite food is, they'll probably tell you it's poke. 

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Honestly, what's not to love about this delightfully fresh dish? It's got tons of flavour, tons of ingredients, and tons of raw fish. If you love sushi, then chances are, you're going to absolutely fall head over heels for this Hawaiian-inspired meal.

Venice MTL

This super pretty California themed restaurant is probably one of the most healthy places you could eat at in the city. Their menu includes things like flatbread pizza, smoothies, and, of course, super tasty poke!

Koa Lua

This downtown Montreal poke spot is super Hawaiian. They've got a Hawaiian decor going on, and lots of other Hawaiian-inspiried dishes. Among the items on their menu? Mindblowing poke (obviously!), spam musubi, and fried avocados. 

Le Poke Bar

Want a custom poke bowl? Then look no further than this Montreal poke spot. You can basically create your own super fresh and tasty bowl here; and trust, they don't skimp on the ingredients, so come hungry!

Kampai Garden

This super fun resto/bar is located in downtown Montreal. Everything here is on point, TBH, and although they have tons and tons of food options, their poke is a clear standout.


Located in Cote-Des-Neiges, this sushi spot focuses on sushi burritos and (wait for it) poke bowls. Their food is incredibly fresh and flavourful; and their poke bowls are what literal dreams. Are. Made. Of. 

Club Soya

This Plateau restaurant is exactly what you need in your life if you LOVE poke (and who are we kidding; of course you do!). They have different poke bowls to choose from, one of which includes lobster. I know, guys. I know.
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