Best Souvlaki Restaurants In Montreal

Tasty, savory dishes ahead.

Alright, let's be real, here. If you could choose to eat souvlaki every single day of your life, would you?

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Of course you would. Souvlaki is bae. Souvlaki is life. And Montreal just so happens to have tons of restaurants where souvlaki is done so, so right. 

Although tons of Greek restaurants in Montreal do an amazing job of creating this dish, a select few in the city really shine.


Literally, if I could marry a dish, I'd marry the souvlaki from Ahuntsic's Nostos. This spot serves up tons of delicious Greek dishes, including Greek chicken and fried calamari, but their souvlaki is truly something special.

Villa Du Souvlaki

If you've ever been to NDG, the chances are very high that you know about this spot. And for good reason: Villa Du Souvlaki makes one of the tastiest, most flavourful souvlakis in the whole city.

Village Grec

A legit Montreal institution situated in Parc-Ex, this restaurant does up Greek dishes right. Their souvlaki, though? Absolutely out of this world delicious.

Yia Sou

Literally, I'm actually so obsessed with this NDG spot. Their souvlaki are a huge standout in a menu full of delicious items, but if you're looking for something a little different, try their lamb plate. So, so good.


Situated in Montreal's Nouveau-Bordeaux, this Greek restaurant is more than worth the trek. Delicious, flavourful souvlaki encased in a super soft and tasty pita, plus piled high with super fresh ingredients - what more could you possibly want?


This awesome spot is situated in Montreal's Parc-Extension. It's home to some of the tastiest souvlakis around, and for a super affordable price.

Marathon Souvlaki

TBH, if you ask anyone in the city what their fave souvlaki spot it, they just might say Marathon's. And honestly, it's for a very good reason: the souvlakis here are out. Of. This. World.

Souvlaki George

This insanely popular souvlaki spot is probably known by almost every Montrealer who's into Greek cuisine - and for good reason. The souvlakis here? Out of this world.

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