Best Spas In Montreal

Relax, refresh, and enjoy life.

Alright, guys. The sun is (slowly starting to come) out, the finals are (almost) over, and it's time you treated yourself to some well-deserved r and r.

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But where, oh where, in Montreal can one rest and relax? Well, if your dilemma is finding the exact right spot in the city to get those spa hours in, then no worries. I've got your back. 

Espace Nomad

If you love being surrounded by whimsical and beautiful things while you relax, then have I got some awesome news for you. This Plateau spa is highkey whimsical, fun, and super, super relaxing!

Spa Scandinave 

Need to take a quick break from the hussle and bustle of Montreal? Then look no further than this Old Montreal spa. Featuring interior baths and the best vibes around, you'll be thrilled to spend your time relaxing here.

Spa St. James

Situated in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, right in the heart of downtown Montreal, this super relaxing spa is extra luxe - and extra awesome, too!

Spa Vert

This Little Burgundy spa pretty much does it all. They've got all the best treatments to ensure you're feeling 110%, including the super trendy cupping therapy!

Strom Spa

Situated on Nun's Island, this beautiful spa is huge, with tons of hot and cold baths and treatments to keep you relaxed for ages. Bonus points for their delicious bistro, serving up some seriously tasty and healthy treats.


Right in the heart of the Dix30 is this glorious spa. Although it's a little smaller than others, the baths and treatments are all. On. Point. Plus, from its rooftop location, you can get some seriously beautiful views!


This Laval-area spa is where dreams happen, friends. It's giant, and it has tons and tons of hot and cold baths, saunas, steam rooms, and more. Plus, it's adjacent to a hotel, so if you feel relaxed enough to take a nap, they've got you covered.

Bota Bota 

Ah, Bota Bota. This super popular Montreal Spa, situated on a boat in the water in the Old Port, is amazing. There are treatments, hot and cold baths, and some of the most gorgeous views of the city you can ever get. 
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