Canada's 15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls You Can Actually Swim In

You'll be 'falling' in love!

Canada is home to some amazing wonders that a majority of us have already explored. However, I bet that a lot of us have failed to indulge in Canada's natural waterfalls. I am sure that there are far more than 15 waterfalls in Canada that you can swim in, so feel free to comment some of your secret ones below!

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These waterfalls are great for those adventurous couples and one is even located right here in Quebec! The waterfalls may be dangerous but with the proper equipment and precautions, anyone can have an insane and safe time. Not only are the waterfalls crazy fun, but their locations are absolutely stunning!

1.Lynn Valley Canyon // B.C.

2. Bridal Veil Falls // Ontario

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3. Cascade Falls // B.C.

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4. Chute Saint Mergeritte // QC

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5. Fall Brook Falls // N.B.

6. Red Rock Canyon // Alberta

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7. Ashton Creek // B.C.

8. Chedoke Falls // Ontario

9. Cameron Falls // Alberta

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10. Norvan Falls // North Vancouver

11. Howland Falls // N.B.

12. Johnston Canyon Falls // Alberta

13. Gold Creek Falls //B.C.

14. Elbow Falls // Alberta

15. Chute Vaureal// QC

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