Here's The Ultimate Montreal Ice Cream Shop Bucket List For Summer 2017

Gelatos, sorbets, and soft serves OH MY!

With this heat invading Montreal, we are all looking for a way to cool off. Well, instead of just checking out the same old boring ice cream shops, why not try some of Montreal's bucket list gelato, sorbet, soft serve, and frozen yogurt spots?! Not only are these shops great and tasty, but they are also HEAVENLY!

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Montreal actually has multiple unique ice cream shops located all across the island! These shops are great for the summer coming up and for the heat we are having right now. There is a variety of flavors that everyone will love! Trust me when I say that while looking at this list your mouth will water AF! 

Gelato Spots

Sorbet Spots

Soft Serve Spots 

Frozen Yogurt Spots

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