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Meet The First "Ramen Bar" In Montreal's Mile-End

Japanese comfort food at it's finest.

The Mile-End now has its very first ramen restaurant, and it looks absolutely incredible.

Tsukuyomi, which means "God of the Moon" in Japanese, is an authentic ramen restaurant that specializes in homemade noodles and tasty broth.

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It's only been open a couple of months and it's already becoming a favourite Montreal spot to grab a cold Sapporo and a delicious bowl of ramen.

via @tsukuyomi_ramen

via @tsukuyomi_ramen

via @tsukuyomi_ramen

They also have an extremely customizable menu that allows you to choose everything from the thickness of the noodles to the amount of salt in your bowl. 

So you can literally have your very own custom bowl of ramen time and time again.

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Ramen is the perfect meal for anyone on a budget, or on the go!

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Not to mention the atmosphere inside of Tsukyomi will not disappoint. It has a very cozy feel with exposed brick and a wooden bar counter. 

Sounds like the perfect spot for a date night to me!

via @tsukuyomi_ramen

via @tsukuyomi_ramen

via @tsukuyomi_ramen

via @tsukuyomi_ramen

I don't know about you, but the chilly Montreal weather today definitely has me craving a warm bowl of ramen, Japanese comfort food at it's finest.

 Where: 5207 Saint-Laurent

Check out their Facebook for more information.

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