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Montreal Opens All-New Authentic Italian Eatery In The Old Port

Italian "Happy Hour" everyday!

Back when I was in University I spend a semester abroad in Florence Italy. During those 4-months of living in a real-life renaissance painting, I learned a great deal about Italian food and culture. In other words, I ate and drank enough delicious food and wine to last me a lifetime. 

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There was one Italian cultural practice that really stood out to me though, Italians called it "The Aperitivo".  

Similar to North America's post-work/pre-dinner time slot formally known as "happy hour", almost every bar and restaurant in Florence would offer a spread of tapas-style finger food and drink specials during the early evening, as a way of enticing customers to spend the entire night in their restaurant. 

Most of these evenings would start innocently enough with a glass of wine and a light snack to blow off steam from the day. And would then end three Gin & Tonics deep over a lively exchange of travel stories with a new group of German friends.

When I came back home to Montreal, I found myself really missing European happy hour. A regular 5  à 7 just didn't cut it anymore.

So I was really pleased when I found out a new Montreal restaurant would be offering "Aperitivo" every day as it's main attraction.

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Joiea Sociale, located on Wellington Street in the Old Port just opened it's doors just this past weekend. The restaurant is a multifaceted concept that offers modern and authentic Italian fare like rustic pizzas and pasta - like the dish pictured above - for lunch and dinner. And of course, "The Aperitivo".

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All the information you need to know: 

Where: Restaurant Joiea Sociale // Old Port

When: Everyday from 5 - 7:30pm

What: Aperitivo - complimentary Italian snacks and music 

For more information on Joeia Sociale, check out their official Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE.

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