Nationalism never looked so scrumptious. To promote the upcoming Sydney International Food Festival, Australian advertising firm WHYBIN\TBWA have created national flags entirely out of food. Save for the the plates the food is presented on, each flag is consstructed out of food native to the country in particular. Jam and scones make up Britain's Union Jack, Australia's flag is done up on a meat pie, while France is visualized via cheese and grapes. Some very creative combinations have been used to make flags which are wholly representative of the nation's culture, in visual and culinary respects.

Check out all of the flags below and see if you can spot the foods that make up each nation.

Now, my only question is: WHERE THE HELL IS THE CANADA FLAG!?

Seriousley, maple is so easy to get creative with.

What do foods you think Canada's flag would be made up of? Post your theory in the comments below.

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