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Alright, let me paint you a mental picture. It's freezing. You're hungry. You forgot to do the groceries. Also, it's Sunday. You might be just a little hungover. See what I'm getting at here? Breakfast. Breakfast is what I'm getting at here. Montreal has a ton of options for breakfast, but let’s be real. If you’re off island, you shouldn’t have to waste time and energy crossing a bridge to get to a trendy and/or delicious breakfast. So this one’s for you, my friends in Laval.

Read on for 5 Great Breakfast Places In Laval.

1. Petinos:

540 Autoroute 13, Laval, QC

Honesty time: decisions are tough. Especially when it comes to breakfast. Sometimes your head says bacon, but your heart? Your heart says Nutella. At Petinos they offer hugely popular dishes that include the standard salty breakfast fare, and a yummy waffle drenched in whatever it is that dreams are made of. You can have it all, my friend. And having it all is damn delicious.


What breakfast lover doesn’t know about Allo! Mon Coco? This is arguably one of the most popular breakfast places in Montreal, and with good reason (looking at you, cheesy potatoes). If for some reason your tastebuds have yet to behold an Allo! Mon Coco breakfast... what are you even waiting for?
Imagine a crepe, except it's stuffed with ricotta and berries. If your mouth is already watering, then chances are you've had one of the Blintzes at Eggstyle. If not, stop what you're doing. Stop right now. And get yourself there, pronto. If you're not feeling that, though, Eggstyle offers a whole bunch of scrumptious breakfast options - including smoothies.

Did I leave out your favourite breakfast place? Let me know in the comments!

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