Have you ever dreamed about sitting cross-legged on beautiful hand woven Persian rugs as you sipped chai tea? What about biting into traditional seasoned kebabs, with spices colliding into a whirlpool of flavour in your mouth? You could explore the streets of Tehran with your eyes closed and your nose actively picking up scents. The aroma of hot, freshly baked naan breads will lead you to the bakery on your right, and the zest of Ghorme Sabzi will be unmistakable on your left. Needless to say, Persian restaurants will not disappoint.

The Persian Empire dates back to 550 BC and it consisted of a greater area which included Iran and Afghanistan. Below you'll find three Iranian restaurants and two Afghans ones, ensuring you get a diverse Persian experience.

Photo Cred- Katievonblondie

1. Khorasan Kabob

5700 Rue Sherbrooke O

If you love kebabs, this restaurant will feed your wildest meat fantasies. It offers different styles and flavours, and it even caters to vegetarians.


Photo cred- TurqMoose

2. Tehran Restaurant

5065 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

Beautifully furnished with the sound of Iranian music wafting through the air, this restaurant masterfully accommodates its costumers. Its menu flourishes in different meals that cater both to vegetarians, meat lovers and everything in between.


Photo cred- Looks Delicious

3. Shiraz Restaurant

5625 Rue Sherbrooke O

You’ve travelled through Tehran, you’re next stop is Shiraz! This restaurant will take your taste buds on a tour of Shiraz, a southwestern city in Iran. Here you can try the many different traditional foods they offer and bask in the comfort and consistency of their traditional Iranian hospitality.


Photo cred- DavidThinkingAloud

4. Khyber Pass

506, Ave. Duluth. E

This restaurant is decorated to make you feel like you’re in a traditional Kabul restaurant. The food is a true reflection of Afghanistan's, and the menu offers variety in both deserts and meals.


Photo Cred- Nourishing nourishment

5. Fenêtre Sur Kaboul

901 Rue Rachel, E

This restaurant is great for Persians and Muslims! The meats on the menu are halal and everything is prepared with fresh ingredients. Plus the service is great.


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