Probably The Best Places To Go Salsa Dancing In Montreal

Be sexy and shout ARRIBA!!

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Montreal, despite being a French and English city has an enormous ‘Latino Touch’ due to its important amount of Latino communities.

When it comes to go Salsa dancing, Montreal definitely offer a variety of places.

There are literally hundreds of salsa clubs where you can get a nice ‘Latin Vibe’ in the city. Obviously, as for the girls in the clubs with few drinks and great partners, they quickly end up making perfect salsa moves. It is a wonderful night out which gives you that “vacations” feeling in the South.

Delightedly, there are the following Latin clubs in Montreal that does not only give you the option to dance but also to meet Latinos, Latin' Dance Lovers while speaking Spanish in a fun way.


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1. Copacabana

1469 Rue Crescent

Copacabana has a tropical atmosphere with an urban décor. It's where all the Latino Stars stop by when they come to Montreal; how excited it is to once meet some of them! This place is well known for its parties held on long week end Sundays with Miss K and the League-A.

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 2. Club 6/49

1112 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Free Dance Lessons at the Club, in a friendly and tropical atmosphere! Wow! Did I say Free dance lessons! 6/49 club is where you can learn latino's dance types. There are many professionals on spot who are willing to teach you great moves. Make sure you catch them fast as soon as you get in.

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3. Boa Vista Club Terrasse

1560 Rue Sainte-Catherine E

The best for last! At Boa Vista you get all the benefits of dancing salsa in its amazing Terrasse during summer. Start getting ready everyone for all the rooftop Saturdays' parties coming up!

Finally, some of us eventually decide to learn more about the Salsa' moves by attending classes in Montreal' Salsa Dance Schools. Once you start loving too much the dance' style and wanting to upgrade to that pro-level, you must understand, what we called, dance 'signs. Men will learn how to properly guide women who will then be trained to flawlessly follow them. I personally enjoy learning how to dance, Salsa, Sexy Bachata and Kizomba at Movimiento Dance School in the town of Saint-Laurent and would do anything to get to that pro-level!

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Photo cred - Crow Production Official/David Rosario

4. Salsathèque

1220 Rue Peel

With its unique Carribbean/Tropical décor and its flambloyant attitude, Salsatheque gives you that loud party zone where you can dance Salsa, Merengue, and Sexy Bachata. If you want a cheap fun Latino night, this is the place to go.

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