With the holiday season only a couple months away, Christmas market announcements are popping up everywhere. With hundreds of different themes and events to choose from, it'll be pretty difficult to decide which festivities to attend.

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TL;DR Quebec City will be hosting a free German Christmas Market this holiday season from November 22 to December 23. European culture will be the theme of the festival, with food, music, and gifts to reflect the holiday traditions.

Luckily, Quebec City is making it pretty easy to decide this year. A FREE German Christmas Market has been confirmed for this holiday season and it'll probably become the only event you'll want to go to this year.

The European celebration will be taking place right in the heart of Old Quebec, decorating streets with unique decor, old-fashioned kiosks filled with treats, and unbelievable lights.

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Not only will the theme revolve around German Christmas festivities, but the market has announced that this year visitors will also be able to discover the products and tradition of other European countries and regions such as Switzerland, Brussels and more!

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As if it couldn't get better, each weekend of the festival a different chef will be invited to create food truly unique to German and Austrian holiday cuisine. There's seriously no better way to learn about cultures while enjoying a Christmas festival all at once.

If you're a huge cultural enthusiast, then you won't forget that German tradition also has an evil anti-Santa known as "Krampus" that will be attending this one-of-a-kind market as well.

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And if you already forgot, the market is absolutely free! So you have no excuse to not make the short road trip to the best Christmas event of the season. 

Via Marché de Nöel Allemand de Québec

The German Christmas Market takes place from November 22 to December 23, so there's plenty of time to spend celebrating the holiday season surrounded by music, food, gifts, European culture, and more!

For more information on the German Christmas Market in Quebec City, click HERE.

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