It's no secret that there's a constant need for the Internet's next trend or most unique destination perfect for sharing all over your social media accounts. Seriously, who doesn't love travelling to a secret location that shocks and leaves everyone in awe?

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TL;DR  An enchanting heart-shaped lake known as l'Etang Baker is only two hours outside of Montreal. The spot is 100% natural and offers incredible photo opportunities during the fall season.

Most of these places look way too good to be true, or are so far away that it's truly impossible to find the means to travel there, especially if all you want is to admire some beauty and take a few photos.

Thankfully, Quebec is already abundant in natural beauty and unbelievable sights. 

For example: we have our very own heart-shaped lake.

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The lake is called l'Etang Baker, and you have to admit it offers the most Instagramable photo backdrops in existence. 

Located near Lac-Brome and Mount-Gauvin, the lake is only about 2 hours from Montreal, making it the perfect weekend getaway for the beautiful fall season.

Seriously, the fall foliage we're about to get is going to make this enchanting lake look like it's straight out of a fairytale! There's no question about it, this is the perfect place to take your significant other for the ultimate autumn date.

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What makes the heart-shaped lake even more special is that, while it's 100% natural, it still looks like a heart from above, unlike other lakes that only offer unique views from specific angles.

Via Garry Norris | trover

As if you didn't already have enough reason to travel here ASAP, there's even an adorable tiny cabin nestled at the top of the heart. It's safe to say we're all super jealous of whoever lives there.

For directions to the breathtaking heart-shaped lake in Quebec, click HERE.

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