The 14 Best Montreal Croissants You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

Buttery goodness in every bite.

Montreal is known for some pretty amazing things. We're home to things like the Habs, delicious poutines, our awesome nightlife scene and so much more!

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But we're also home to some killer bakeries. We embraced our French culture here and now there's tons of bakeries making all kinds of pastries from brioche to cakes to macarons to croissants! 

You can basically find delicious croissants around any corner in Montreal but there's some that blow all the others out of the water. If you're in any of these Montreal boroughs, you've got to try one of these awesome croissants.

Best Croissants In Le Plateau 🥐  😍

Best Croissants In Old Montreal 🥐  😍

Best Croissants In Saint Henri 🥐  😍

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