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The 40 Most Important Restaurants, Bars, & Cafes In Montreal Of 2017

Gotta try them all!

The food scene in any city is a reflection of its population. Because whenever they migrate and settle, humans always bring their culinary footprint along. Simply said, food and culture are forever linked.  And thank god for that.

First and second generation Montrealers are all grown up. And the Montreal resto scene is seeing the effects manifest right before their eyes. Propelled by a fleet of young entrepreneurs a new wave of restaurants is cropping up. With food inspired by the flavours and spirit of their roots, and more importantly, by a restless entrepreneurial drive and out-to-change-the-world millennial sensibility.  Creating the perfect storm for a culinary revolution, right in our very own city.

Montreal - being the wonderful melting-pot of cultures that it is- is the ideal environment to cultivate the growth of this bold new culinary movement, but only if you actually take the time to visit these gems in person, that is. That said, let's wrap up the year with a bang! Here is our list of all the most important restaurants, bars and cafes of 2017.

The Most Important Bars/Clubs

The Most Important Cafes

The Most Important Breakfast/Brunch Spots

The Most Important Cheap Eat Spots

The Most Important Restaurants

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