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The Super Sassy Montreal Cookies You Need To Try ASAP

Treat yo' self!

Right now we're all growing up in the age of social media, where we're almost always thinking about our next Instagram post, snapchat story or tweet that's going to blow all of our followers away. 

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But sometimes it's good to take a step back, take a look at what's around us and even poke a little fun at ourselves for being the way that we are in this day and age. 

That's why these super cute and hilarious cookies are so relatable to almost every single millennial. Not only do they look delicious they'll also say exactly what's in your head. 

via @yespleasemtl

Yes Please MTL makes these adorable customizable cookies for basically any special occasion, business event or just because you've had a long week and deserve to treat yourself! 

via @yespleasemtl

They make these yummy sugar cookies in any shape, size and colours that you want and you can add whatever sassy saying you want to the top! The ones they've created so far are so cute and funny you'll definitely want to order an entire box of them for your next event. 

via @yespleasemtl

via @yespleasemtl

Whether you want your cookies shaped into a hotdog, a piece of pizza, or with a saying like "Resting Brunch Face" or "Drake Made Me Do It" you'll definitely be getting a super fun cookie experience! 

via @yespleasemtl

via @yespleasemtl

Check out their website and Instagram for more information. 

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