This Insane Zipline 2 Hours Away From Montreal Will Take You On An Adventure Of A Lifetime


Have you ever dreamt of flying through the  sky at a speed of 60MPH like your favorite super heroes? Well, I know I have and now all our dreams can come true if you are willing to drive merely 2 hours away from Montreal!

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At Stowe Mountain Resort located in Vermont you can try their INSANE zipline that is almost too epic to handle. You can see all of Green Mountain State as you fly through the sky and create memories of a life time!

The ZipTour at Stowe is actually labeled to be one of the fastest ziplines in the whole world! Yes, you heard me... THAT'S INSANE! It may not be the highest, but it begins at the top of Mt. Mansfield - the highest peak in Vermont.

But, if you happen to be a scaredy cat like me don't worry, the zipline comes with a breaking system which allows you to control your speed . The views are absolutely stunning and it's the perfect activity for those thrill seekers this summer 2017!

General Information:

Distance: 2 hours away

Features: Ziplines range from 150’ long and 10’ off the ground (Demo Trainer) to the Nosedive Zip at 4,462’ long and 130’ up!

Hours: Open Daily, June 24 through October 15, 2017, weather permitting.

Price: $131 Per Person



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