This Montreal Restaurant Serves "Matcha Cake Rolls" And They Look Amazing

A 'matcha' made in heaven!

Matcha is a super popular dessert flavour right now. It's good in literally everything from matcha ice cream to matcha donuts to matcha cookies and cakes. 

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The list is literally endless! I recently wrote a list on the best matcha desserts in the city and you guys loved it because, well who doesn't love matcha?? 

Unfortunately, I completely missed this amazing restaurant that serves insanely good matcha cake rolls! 

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They're available at Epicerie Hao located at 255 Rue Rachel E in Montreal's Le Plateau area! This spot serves up delicious Filipino eats that you can't get at many places in the city. 

They're super popular daily dessert is a matcha roll cake made with cream chantilly in the centre. It's the perfect balance of moist cake-y matcha mixed with the sweet cream filling that will make you fall in love instantly! 

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But that's not the only amazing thing they serve here. Their specialty is steamed buns with either yummy spiked pork or vegetarian with tofu and mushrooms. 

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They also serve dumplings stuffed with savoury pork and Nappa cabbage! Not only is their food seriously delicious but it's all so Insta-worthy including the entire restaurant space, which is all white and fresh! 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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