For anyone who's super health conscious or on a diet, most of your meals for the week can be pretty boring and unsatisfying for your taste buds. It's that one day of the week known as your cheat day that makes it all worth it. For that day only you can endulge in the most amazing, unhealthy but oh-so-good food that's out there. Thankfully, if you live in Montreal then you'll have no problem finding some great options.

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But, what if you're looking for the ultimate cheat day meal ever? The one that tops the rest and makes any other food cower in fear. Well, introduce yourself to the "Mac Attack".

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Yes, this burger is absolutely real and on the menu at Burger Royal in the Plateau. The juicy burger patty is cooked to perfection and placed on some fluffy fresh buns, topped with toppings of your choice and of course, a big heaping of the cheesy goodness that makes this dish come out on top.

The mac n' cheese is made with fresh and local Quebec cheese and the restuarant's homemade bechamel sauce, so you literally can't get this anywhere else in the city.

If you really want to make this the ultimate cheat day experience, don't forget to order the deep fried pickles as an appetizer. You won't regret it. The comfort food restaurant also serves tons of other cheat day options for you to pick from, such as "The Big O" which is a burger topped with TWO giant onion rings. This is the only place you'll ever be going for your cheat days from now on.

If this spot sounds like the next place you want to satisfy your cheat day hunger at, you can take a look at Burger Royal's Facebook page here.


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