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This Montreal Tattoo Artist Will Make Literally Everyone Want To Get Inked

Permanent beauty.

Tattoos have been gaining popularity in recent years as they are now being seen as a form of art and individual expression. It's amazing when you're walking down the street and you see an honestly beautiful tattoo on someone and you can't help but ask where they got it done.  

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Montreal is home to some really talented tattoo artists that are capable of making literal works of art on your body. Just like this one, Meaghan Goeb, a tattoo artist at Private Tattoo

via @meaghangoeb

Her tattoos are so beautiful and artistic you'll absolutely want one by the end of this article. Her tattoos are mostly done in colour and range from nature tattoos like flowers and animals, to cute tattoos like cupcakes and pineapples!

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Her tattoos are incredibly detailed, involving tons of shading adding depth and realism to each one. She also creates beautiful tattoos in all black as well, showing her multi-talents. 

via @meaghangoeb

via @meaghangoeb

We wrote another article about her work in the past for creating gorgeous tattoos for breast cancer survivors over their mastectomy scars. 

via @meaghangoeb

Her work is not only beautiful, it's inspiring! Check out her Instagram to see more of her past work and contact her for a consultation. 

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