The "Lazy River" Near Montreal You Gotta Float Down This Summer

One of the most refreshing things you can do.

Have you ever wanted to try a natural lazy river in the middle of the wilderness that will make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed AF, but you just can't find one near Montreal? Well, I know I have and Vermont River Tubing will let us all fulfill that dream this summer with some of your BFFs! So, if you aren't going on a big vacation this summer, but want to feel like you are on a tropical island relaxing, then I suggest roadtripping to this stunning natural lazy river.

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At Vermont River Tubing,  located in Stockbridge Vermont, you can try their INSANE and somewhat secret lazy river that is almost too epic to handle. You can enjoy the refreshing waters as you explore the wildlife around you and relax with your closest friends. 

Vermont River Tubing offers a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy the stunning nature life around it. There are multiple hidden areas around the natural lazy river where you can have a picnic, check out the nature, or just sit and enjoy the view. 

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The ambiance is truly majestic and you will feel like you are on a tropical vacation. I suggest making this short 3 hour drive to enjoy a truly beautiful and relaxing weekend away from the city! Tubing season runs from mid-June through Labor Day. 

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Via Vermont River Tubing

Via Vermont River Tubing

Via Vermont River Tubing

Via Vermont River Tubing

General Information:

Summer: Tubing season runs from mid-June through Labor Day. 

Distance: 3 hours away (Vermont, USA)

Hours: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Directions: Vermont River Tubing

Price: $15-$18


  • Natural lazy river
  • Natural water slides
  • Mountains
  • Picnics

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