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Where You Can Get "Shawarma Sushi" In Montreal

Get your 'fat pants' ready.

Sushi has been the craze for quite some time in Montreal now. We have been seeing different sushi-fusions popping up all over the city. Here's one you'll definitely want to check out ASAP.

Shawarmaz is serving up "Shawarma Sushi" and it looks unbelievable.

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This perfect combination of Lebanese served in the style of adorable little sushi rolls is bound to get any foodie excited for lunch. Check it out.

via @shawarmaz_mtl

via @shawarmaz_mtl

via @shawarmaz_mtl

via @shawarmaz_mtl

via @shawarmaz_mtl

And if you're feeling really crazy, you may even want to pair this with a side of Shawarma poutine. Cue fat pants.

via @shawarmaz_mtl

I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that Shawarmaz knows what Montrealers want. I mean really, Shawarma sushi AND Shawarma poutine? If that's not something you're down for, I don't know what is. 

Where: 1206 Rue Peel

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