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You Can Now Get "Brunch Mac & Cheese" At This Montreal Restaurant

Instant drool.

Hold the frikken phone! Mac 'n Cheese for brunch?  Yes. I'm not jokingIt's a real thing, and I got the photos to prove it.

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Let me take you to little Plateau Mont-Royal spot called Paradis BBQ. It's located on St-Hubert street, just a hop skip and a jump away from Mont-Royal Metro and Parc Lafontaine. 

This cozy little joint is whipping up some seriously comforting and decadent belly-busting foods that make me insta-drool. 

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The one item that really caught my eye though was the brunch Mac 'n Cheese Firstly because Mac 'n Cheese is my #1 guilty-pleasure indulgent meal and I am always on the look-out for a great plate of noodles swimming in gooey cheese. 

The one served-up by the chefs at Paradis BBQ is served with greens on top and a cooked-to-perfection fried egg.  If you put an egg on anything it's acceptable to eat at brunch, right?

They also serve some insanely delicious BBQ and comfort-food inspired items like ribs, roasted and fried chicken, cornbread, hot chicken sandwiches, and homemade choco chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.  

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This all looks too good to be true and served in an intimate and cozy space that also has a great wine menu and refreshingly delicious and boozy craft cocktails.  Well, I'm sold. 

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If this looks irresistible to you check out Paradis BBQ's facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE for more pics!

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