Best Oysters In Montreal

The most fresh and fun thing you can eat.
Best Oysters In Montreal

I don't know about you guys, but I totally love oysters. They're fresh, fun to eat, and straight-up delicious.

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Thankfully, Montreal has legit tons of spots that offer up some seriously good oysters. A select few Montreal restaurants, though, really stand our from the bunch.

1. Notkins

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1101 Rue de Bleury

One of the most awesome places in the whole city for seafood, Notkins' menu consists of what I truly believe to be pure happiness. All of their food is pure quality, guys... and their specialty just so happens to be oysters, which means you can bet on the fact that these oysters are pure, concentrated amazing.


2. Le Pier 66

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361 Rue Bernard O

Although this spot hasn't been in Montreal as long as others on this list, Pier 66 is making a big splash because of its straight-up delicious food. Their menu is super varied with an emphasis on seafood, serving up dishes like scallop ravioli and tuna tartare; and, of course, their above and beyond awesome oysters.


3. Liverpool House

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2501 Rue Notre-Dame O

Both Liverpool House and its sister restaurant, Joe Beef, do oysters up extremely right. They're fresh, tasty, and oh-so delicious. Liverpool House, though, has a super busy oyster counter, meaning that you're getting the freshest and tastiest oysters around.


4. Maestro SVP

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3615 Boul St-Laurent

Located right on the Main, Maestro SVP is pretty much a wonderland of seafood. They have tons of seafood for you to enjoy, like scallops, clam chowder, shrimp, and much, much more, and their oyster selection just so happens to be top notch. Not only do they serve cold oysters and oyster shooters, but they've also got super yummy baked oysters for you guys to nosh on, too!


5. La Boite Aux Huitres

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7070 Avenue Henri-Julien

This oyster shop is situated right in the Jean-Talon Market, and trust, they're shucking pros. Their oysters come from different places around the world, and they've got a really solid selection for you to choose from. No matter what you get, though, their oysters are always tasty, fresh, and super high quality.


6. Le Bremner

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361 Rue Saint Paul E

No oyster list in Montreal is complete without mentioning Le Bremner. Not only is this spot known for their delicious food and cozy, fun ambiance, but it also happens to serve up some of the freshest, tastiest, and straight-up most awesome oysters in the whole, entire city.


7. Huis Clos

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7659 Rue Saint-Denis

This Villeray haunt is pretty much the perfect neighbourhood bar. It's got amazing vibes, it's super fun, their cocktails are basically life... and they happen to serve up some of the most fresh oysters in the city.


8. Le Filet

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219, ave. Mont-Royal Ouest,

Honestly, Le Filet is every seafood lover's dream... not because they stick to traditional seafood dishes, but because they put a unique twist on every meal they serve. Their oysters, for example, are amazing, and are served up two ways: topped with jalapenos and maple, or miso au gratin.


9. Le Garde-Manger

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1101 Rue de Bleury

This Chuck Hughes owned Old Montreal spot is seriously on a level all of its own. Famous for their lobster poutine and other seafood dishes, if you're in the mood for oysters in the city, Garde-Manger won't disappoint. In fact, it'll totally exceed all your oyster expectations (oystpectations?)


10. Lucille’s Oyster Dive

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5626 Av de Monkland

When it comes to seafood in the city, one spot instantly comes to mind: Lucille's, located in Montreal's NDG. Lucille's is synonymous with seafood that's totally on point in the city, and if you've ever eaten there, you know why. The food is consistently fresh, delicious, and just straight-up awesome; and their oysters are no exception!


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