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Best Pastel de Nata In Montreal

8 spots to get the flakiest, creamiest pastries the city has to offer.
Best Pastel de Nata In Montreal

Pastel de natas (or pasteis de nata) are a really popular Portuguese dessert, and for good reason. The tart strikes the perfect balance of buttery, flaky pastry and rich, creamy custard. Even as someone who doesn't like custard (Boston cream donuts are an abomination) I can't resist pastel de nata.

Natas were popularised by Portuguese monks, who used egg yolks to make pastries, and sold these pastries in order to generate revenue. Thanks to Montreal's vibrant Portuguese community, we have a wealth of spots that sell the delicious little pastries.

*Though this is a list of the places where you can get these delicious little pastries, many of these restaurants order them fresh from bakeries and so the desserts are not made in-house.

Ma Poule Mouillée

Where: 969 Rachel St E, Montreal

What: This super popular Portuguese chicken spot recently re-opened after a fire forced the restaurant to close down for almost two months. This is great news for more than just the fans of their chicken platter because their pastel de nata are seriously amazing.



Where: 3900 Rue Éthel, Verdun

What: Though this place is known for its brunch, the pastries here are DECADENT. The natas are super fresh, and their pastry shells are the butteriest and flakiest things you've ever eaten.



Where: 115 Rue Rachel E, Montréal

What: Though this popular Portuguese restaurant is known city-wide for its hearty plates of chicken, their dessert is equally praise-worthy. Their natas are spectacularly fresh.


Les Anges Gourmets

Where: 4247 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal,

What: Located in the heart of the plateau, this Portuguese restaurant and bakery makes AMAZING natas. Their little cups of happiness come in a variety of flavours. Make sure to try a loaf of their bread, too.


Notre Dame de Rosaire

Where: 227 Rue Rachel E, Montréal

What: This plateau bakery has a ton of pastel de nata flavours. From chocolate to maple syrup, the creamy custard filling is super versatile. And they serve them the right way (with cinnamon sprinkled on top- yum!)


Patisserie Bela Vista

Where: 6409 Avenue Papineau, Montreal

What: This popular Portuguese bakery is worth a detour for. The Rosemont bakery has tons of natas flavours, from the traditional custard to maple-flavoured natas. Their natas perfectly balance pastry with filling.

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