Best Pineapple Pizza In Montreal

Sweet, salty, and oh-so delicious!
Best Pineapple Pizza In Montreal

I don't know if you guys are aware, but Hawaiian/pineapple pizza (which was invented by a Canadian, BTW!) is literally bae. 

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It's got all the elements of a perfect dish: the salty, savoury ham; the sweet, tangy pineapple; the pizza. There are, thankfully, tons and tons of spots to get some delicious Hawaiian pizza in Montreal, but a handful of spots truly stand out.


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201 Milton St

If you love pizza in Montreal, then the chances are very high that you know all about Amelias. Beginning life as Amelios, and serving up pretty much the best all-cheese white pizza in the city, Amelias' Hawaiian pizza is a delicious alternative to an already awesome dish.


Pizza Dorval

208 Avenue Dorval

This straight-to-the-point Dorval pizzeria is literally awesome. Serving up super tasty slices, their Hawaiian pizza dish is delicious, simple, and oh-so flavourful.


Pizzeria Bros

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13 Notre-Dame St W

This Old Montreal restaurant takes the cake for fantastic pizza. They've got a wide array of toppings to choose from, and if you're feeling a little bit more tropical, their "Aloha" Hawaiian pizza (with chunks of sweet pineapple, slices of salty ham, cheese, sauce, bacon, and banana peppers) will seriously hit the spot.



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1428 Stanley St

Honestly, guys, if you're looking for some authentic AF pizza in the heart of downtown Montreall, look no further. Brigade has got you covered. Although they offer a wide array of pizzas (and you can even make your own!) their Hawaiian, with prosciutto cotto, pineapple, sauce, and cheese, is amazing.


McGill Pizza

625 Milton St

This McGill Ghetto spot is known for its tasty, quick breakfasts, and above and beyond amazing, cheesy, doughy pizzas. Their Hawaiian pizzas in particular are spectacular: super simple, yet incredibly tasty.


Il Focolaio

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1223 Rue Du Square Phillips

Although Il Focolaio's regular Hawaiian pizza is legit the stuff of real legends, their Italian spin on it? OMG. Pure pizza perfection. Featuring pineapple, blue cheese, sauce, and mozzarella, this pie is something you cannot miss out on.


Santa Lucia

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1264 Stanley St

This downtown Montreal Italian restaurant is actually amazing. Not only do they serve up some of the straight-up tastiest dishes in the whole city, but their Hawaiian pizza just happens to be literally perfect, with sweet chunks of pineapple and ham blended perfectly with their tomato sauce and cheese.


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