Where To Pay For Your Pursegasms In Montreal

To these boutiques: Shut up and take our money!
Where To Pay For Your Pursegasms In Montreal

Photo cred - STRT Journal

Hello my lovely shopaholics. I come to you today with a very dangerous post. We all know that shoes and jewelry can be an immensely sore topic when it comes to shopping addicts. But the real accessory goldmine? Purses of course. I am incredibly guilty of over-shopping on purses, even though I use a backpack during the school year. Handbags come in such a beautiful variety that I just can’t help myself. So, if you got an itch for a clutch, or are in need of some shoe porn, the following is just for you!

1. Boutique Creatures

171 Mont-Royal E

Sleek, bold and unapologetic. Boutique Creatures is the place to go if you want a bag that makes a statement. Their purses generally run on the larger side with a more structured stance. I’d love to take one of these bad boys out on a night drinking with my girls. They’re vampy and chic, giving your look an edge, while still being practical.

2. Boutique Geekatorium

4323 rue Saint-Denis

Alright, so Geekatorium is the place for those of you who like a really crazy bag. And I mean really crazy. Purses can be a great way to shock and draw attention to your outfit, and Geekatorium really plays in to that. Staying true to their name, all of their bags have some kind of geeky theme. If you’ve ever wanted to carry a Tardis or Harry Potter satchel around with you, Geekatroium has got you covered to the max.

3. MO851

1190 Boul. De Maisonneuve

The leather bag is a classic item everyone needs in their wardrobe. The absolute worst thing you could ever do when buying a leather bag, is to buy cheap and crappy quality. That’s why I’d recommend to go to MO851 if you’re planning on making the commitment. All of their bags are handmade and produced in Montreal. Not to mention that they have that gorgeous, worn in look. You honestly can never go wrong with them!

4. Influence U

1476 Rue Ste-Catherine O

There ain’t nothing wrong with liking a brand name. Faithfully following Michael Kors or Comme Des Garconne is a good thing, you’re supporting a designer for a good product. It’s simple. These classy bags made by your favourite designers are all at Influence U, on Saint Cats. This store has it all, and then some. So go check them out to add to your growing designer collection.

5. Boutique Articho

300 Rue Villeray

Boutique Articho is one of those places that makes you feel like you stepped onto your Pinterest dashboard. I would honestly take one of everything in their store, but I am especially into their bags. Their a little quirky, but still stylish. I’d say these bags are for anyone who’s a little off beat, but still likes to keep their look put together. Arthicho’s bags will be the perfect piece to accomplish that kind of vibe.

6. Rudsak


If you’re looking for a bag that is going to last you a lifetime, Rudsak is definitely the way to go. Their simple style, is versatile yet still has the ability to stand on it’s own. When you buy a purse from them, you know you’ll reach for it everyday until it literally falls off your body. Consistency is the sign of a good bag my friend, and Rudsack has it down.

7. Concubine

2563 Beaubien Est, 3644A Drolet,

I honestly have a hard time describing these bags, but I’m going to give it a shot. Picture, bohemian, modern and colofourful. Concubine legit has a style all it’s own. They’re fun, innovative, and have everything you could ever want in a bag. You’re going to have to check them out for yourself to see what I’m blabbing on about.

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