Best Places To Buy Christmas Trees In Montreal Without Leaving The City

No car needed.
Best Places To Buy Christmas Trees In Montreal Without Leaving The City

Now that we're officially in the holiday season, and Christmas is only a few weeks away, you're totally justified in decking out your home with tons of Xmas swag. Or maybe you like to keep it low-key with just a wreath on the door.

Either way, quintessential to every apartment, condo, or home during the holiday season is the perfect Christmas tree.

The trouble is, actually getting a Christmas tree can be a huge struggle if you don't have access to a car. Lacking any wheels, all those Christmas tree farms outside of the city are simply too far, and so are some of the spots within the city.

Well, as a pedestrian, I'm right there with you, and to ensure everyone has a beautiul green Christmas tree, I've compiled a list of the best places in Montreal to get a tree without needing a car.

Never stroll far from home (or don't leave at all thanks to delivery services) because there's a Christmas tree spot super close to you. Find out where you'll be buying your tree with the list below.

The Mont-Royal Neighbourhood Market

Mont-Royal/Berri (map)

Pop out of the Mont-Royal metro and grab a tree, that's the level of convenience this neighborhood market has provided Montrealers since 1983. Nothing beats an easy grab 'n go.

Marché de Noël Prince-Arthur

350 Prince-Arthur (map)

For the first time ever, Prince Arthur has been transformed into a veritable Christmas village. All sorts of vendors are selling holiday items of every kind, including Christmas trees, of course. Find out more here.

The Jean-Brillant Neighbourhood Market

5307-5351 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges (map)

Right at Cote-des-Neiges station, the Jean-Brillant Neighbourhood Market has your perfect Christmas tree ready for you right as you get home from work/school. Nothing beats convenience.

Westmount's Mountainside United Church

687 Roslyn (map)

Each and every year, the Westmount Park Scouts organize a Christmas tree sale at the Mountainside United Church. All trees are priced at $45, and wreaths are available for $25. Certain items need to be pre-ordered, so get more info here.

Jean-Talon Market

7070 Henri Julien (map)

Obviously Montreal's largest public market would have its own Christmas tree vendor. The Filions, a family of Christmas tree growers, are a holiday fixture at Jean-Talon and sell beautiful conifer trees to spruce up your home for the holidays.

And The Other Major Public Markets

Atwater Market, Maisonneuve Market, Lachine Market

If Jean-Talon is too far away, head to one of Montreal's other major public markets. Balsam, Falsam, and Fraser firs can be found at Atwater, Lachine, and Masonneuve markets, each of which vary in fragrance and resilience, so do a bit of homework beforehand so you buy the right tree for you.

Place Versailles

7275 Sherbrooke E (map)

From now until December 24th, Place Versailles will be a "Santa Clause Kingdom," with jolly old Saint Nick greeting children, and is bringing along his own reindeer too. Of course, Christmas trees will also be sold.

Marché Saint-Jacques

2035 Amherst (map)

For three consecutive weekends (beginning December 12th), Marché Saint-Jacques will transform into a Christmas village with tons of activities going on for you to enjoy. A permanent fixture, however, will be the Christmas tree shop, where you can grab a tree anytime of the week.

Parc Lahaie

Saint Laurent/Laurier (map)

Part of the very large Noel dans le parc event, Parc Lahaie will feature an expansive Christmas tree collection, all of varying sizes. You can even buy your tree online if you'd rather not face the cold. Get more info here.

The Parc & Mont Royal Tree Vendor

Parc/Mont Royal (map)

You know that awkward piece of land between Côte-Sainte-Catherine and Mont Royal, right off of Parc, and near the northern edge of Mount Royal Park? Well, it's been transformed into a Christmas tree sale-site, which is pretty convenient for anybody riding up or down the 80.

Marché de Noël de Laval

901 Parc (map)

Okay, so technically Laval is off the island of Montreal, but it's pretty damn close, and you don't necessarily need a car to get to Marché de Noël de Laval. Fine, even if you're not buying it, the residents of Laval should know that this Christmas event will feature wide variety of activities and events, including the sale of Christmas trees. Find out more here.

Place Jaque Cartier

Between Notre-Dame & Saint Paul (map)

As part of the Merry Montreal events that transforms Old Montreal each year for the holidays, a Christmas Market will be set up at Place Jacques-Cartier. Along with tons of holiday gifts, you can buy your perfect tree, with lots of other activities on-site too.

Centre de Jardin Brossard

6305 boul. Grande-Allée (map)

Yes, this is another off-the-island spot, but the folks in Brossard will want to know that the Centre de Jardin Brossard is selling Christmas trees of every shape and size. So if you're in Brossard, there's no reason to enter the city, as opposed to all of us who would rather not leave.

Christmas Tree Delivery Apps/Services

Your house

Why hassle yourself with going to a Christmas tree shop and lug it all the way home when you can have it delivered? Two different Xmas tree delivery services operate in the Montreal area, and they are:

  • Sapin MTL: an online service that will speedily deliver a tree to your doorstep, with the option of renting a stand included.
  • Le Pere Sapin Deliver Service: a little less intuitive/easy to use as the above, but this delivery service offers a wide variety of trees and Xmas products.



IKEA may be a ways away if you don't have access to a car, but the Scandinavian mega-store offers a seriously solid deal on Xmas trees. You can grab a quality "ABIES" tree for only $20, and with their ongoing deal, you can get a $20 coupon with the purchase.

Grocery & Department Stores + Costco


Yeah, it's a bit boring to go to Super C, Provigo, Rona, or Costco, but almost all of them are selling real and fake Christmas trees, which is pretty damn convenient if you're heading to get some groceries/household goods anyways.

Museum of Fine Arts

Each and eveyr year, the Museum of Fine Art's Volunteer Association creates a Christmas tree exhibition, with hand-painted ornaments and exquisite decorations. Now, you can't actually buy any of the trees, but they're simply stunning to see, and can definitely give you inspiration for you own Xmas decoration plan.

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