Best Places You Can Go Apple Picking Close To Montreal

Something fun to do in the fall.
Best Places You Can Go Apple Picking Close To Montreal

Ah yes, summer is coming to an end and you know what that means... FALL IS ON IT'S WAY. And we all know what comes with fall, APPLE PICKING, the most joyful time of the season! Most of us usually go to an apple orchard that we've been going to for years with out parents, but why not try somewhere new!

The list below composes of the perfect apple picking places right near Montreal. Not only are these places perfect for those delicious apples, but they are also great locations for the perfect apple picking pictures of you and your BFFS or you and your BF.

Apple picking is honestly a super fun activity to do with your friends and it is also very romantic. So, get that perfect fall outfit ready and head out to one of these orchards for the perfect start to fall this year! It's "hardcore" fun! Maybe your BF will call you the "apple to his pie".

1. Start Fall Right At Verger Gibouleau

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Verger Gibouleau, 3675 Avenue des Perron


Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to 6 pm


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