Best Places You Can Go Blueberry Picking Close To Montreal This Summer

You should do this on a 'berry' nice day.
Best Places You Can Go Blueberry Picking Close To Montreal This Summer

Summer wouldn't be complete without an abundance of fresh, delicious fruit at your fingertips. And blueberries, the near-perfect fruit with tons of health benefits, are a bonafide summer essential. Sure, you could stop by any old grocery store and pick up a carton of them, but where is the fun in that?

Blueberries are abundant right now on tons of farms surrounding Montreal. Going on an adventure to pick them makes for the perfect day trip, especially since many are only an hour outside of the city.

Whether you're with friends, family, or your significant other, blueberry picking is an awesome summer activity that requires little planning or money, and offers a quick escape from the city. Plus, you'll arrive home laden with fresh, home-grown blueberries ready to be eaten or baked into pies. Heaven, am I right?

1. Bleuetiere Les Delisle

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1110 Chemin N

This lovely family-owned farm invites you to pick "giant blueberries" in what is one of the largest blueberry farms in the Quebec Eastern Townships. I mean, just look at that beautiful expanse of nature, who wouldn't want to spend a day hanging out there? Best of all, the owners indicate that some blueberry bushes can reach about 6 feet high - it's going to be a team effort, friends.


2. Ferme Equinoxe

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606 Rang Petit Saint François

Ok so, this farm has straight up won awards for the quality of its produce. So, rest assured you'll be getting top quality blueberries when you head here to pick. The picking season starts around mid-July, so keep this farm on your list for places to start. The picking hours also last a full day, so to get your money's worth, plan to spend a 9-5 day at the farm.


3. Paradis Des Fruits Dunham

Photo cred - Paradis des Fruits Dunham, Les Miels Naturels Charbonneau

Doesn't that photo just make you want about 1,000 blueberries in your hands right now!? This farm also allows the pick-your-own style for tons of other fruit, such as strawberries and blackberries. Basically, they know what they're doing, and the quality of the fruit obviously keeps people coming back again and again. This place is huge, and there are sure to be tons of families and groups, so head there early to get the best experience possible.


4. Aux Saveurs de la Terre

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1325 Rang Elmire

One blueberry-picker indicated online that this farm is her favourite, because the owners prune and trim the blueberry bushes, so they are actually easier to pick. Perhaps, then, if you're new to blueberry picking or just want something convenient and low-stress, Aux Saveurs de la Terre is the perfect place for you. I mean, who doesn't want it to be easy to collect baskets upon baskets of this delicious fruit?


5. Le Reve Bleu

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Since I'm always looking out for you, I've found a way to combine blueberry picking and alcohol. I know, right? Thank me later. This farm sells blueberry wine and liqueur on site, so if you're exhausted after a day of picking, you have an ideal opportunity to get turnt. Also, this farm sells already-picked fresh blueberries on site, so if for some reason you don't get enough from picking, there are fresh options readily available.


6. Domaine du Flanc-Sud Blueberry Field

920 Chemin de la Montagne

This gorgeous field of delicious fruits rests in the always beautiful Monteregie region, and the scenery alone is worth the trip. Better yet, the site boasts a "relaxation area" and picnic tables for you to enjoy your fresh blueberries at. If you're looking for a pick-your-own experience that's equal parts scenic, relaxing, and fun, this farm will serve you well.


7. Bleuetiere Benoit

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Another outstanding farm in the Dunham area of the Eastern Townships, this blueberry field ranks among the best on this list. Why? Well, maybe I'm biased, but it's home to a unique speciality - little chocolate blueberries, available to eat on site. First I found a way to incorporate blueberry picking and alcohol, now blueberry picking and chocolate? Say no more, right!? Head out here for a truly special treat.


8. Ferme Au Pre Bleu

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409 chemin Paul, Ascot Corner

Perhaps you can tell by the address, or the photo - this fruit-abundant farm, though still close to Montreal, is way out there in terms of farm country. But you know what? Sometimes we need to escape and lose track of time, and that's what this family-owned farm guarantees when you arrive for a picking adventure. If you want a quiet, secluded day away from crowds or other picking groups, keep this place at the top of your list.


9. Bleuetiere Harmonie Nature

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No, the above photo isn't of blueberries (though I assure you this farm has tons), but it is a preview of the gorgeous flower arrangements you'll see at Harmonie Nature during your picking. Similar to Au Pre Bleu, this place is a serene oasis outside of the city. They advertise tons of perennials and gorgeous flower arrangements, as well as pools and waterfalls. Yes, waterfalls! This could function as a mini resort getaway, at this point. Again, if you're looking to escape into a blueberry picking heaven away from the crowds, Harmonie Nature has you covered.


10. Les Bleuets du Marquis

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236 Chemin West Hill, Masonville QC

All the environmentally conscious berry-pickers out there will be pleased to know that this blueberry farm doesn't use pesticides or herbicides in the growing process, meaning that these blueberries are fresh and organic as can be. The owners boast incredible views and an ultra-relaxing picking experience. They also advise to call in advance before your trip, to confirm the availability of the fruit. The scenery certainly won't disappoint, so make your way to this farm deep in the countryside for an awesome day in the sun.


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