Best Ramen In Montreal

All the noodles.
Best Ramen In Montreal

We are all hoping that Montreal is going to warm up soon. We're at that point in the winter where it feels like we will be living perpetually in a winter wonderland. It's rough.

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That said, there are a couple things you can do to perk up your mood until actual spring comes blowing into town.One of my favorite thing to do is to indulge in all those decadent and delicious 'winter' foods - like Ramen.

Good thing Montreal has a ton of Ramen spots to choose from. We've read the reviews and picked out the top ramen spots to visit. Each one with their own unique appeal. 

1. Sumo Ramen 

Where: 1007 Saint-Laurent // China Town

Why you should go: Sumo Ramen is a China Town staple and has been around for as long as I can remember. The main attraction is choice. They have a wide range of Ramen flavors and toppings to choose from. The atmosphere is also super laid-back and relaxed. Perfect for a weekday bite.


2. Big In Japan 

Where: 3723 Saint-Laurent // Plateau

Why you should go: Big in Japan Restaurant - not to be confused with Big in Japan Bar up the street - serves some crazy comforting and hearty Japanese food in a minimal yet trendy atmosphere. Try their decadent and savory ramen for an unforgettable trip to flavor town.


3. Yokato Yokabai Ramen 

Where: 4185 Drolet // Plateau

Why you should go: This ramen spot is a kind of ramen factory. There are small appetizer-type dishes on the menu, but the main focus is obviously Ramen. With a small menu of three different types of broth and various classic toppings to choose from, this a great spot to go if you're new to ramen in general.


4. Ramen Ya 

Where: 4274 Saint-Laurent // Plateau

Why you should go: Ramen Ya has also been around quite some time and not only serves Ramen but other Japanese dishes and sushi. The atmosphere has a bit more of a pub-vibe, so it's perfect for a date night.

5. Hakata Ramen 

Where: 1216 Stanley // Down Town

Why you should go: Hakata Ramen is one of Montreal's Ramen staples, especially in the downtown area. The atmosphere is super casual and laid-back. They also serve sushi and other Japanse dishes and drink - of course.


6. Ramen 900

Where: 4609 Notre Dame West // St-Henri

Why you should go: Ramen 900 is located in the booming neighborhood of St-Henri. The main attraction is their vegan ramen options. The decor is simple yet trendy, so it's a fun spot to go with a group of friends on a special night out.


7. Ramen Misoya 

Where: 2065 Bishop // Downtown

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Why you should go: This spot is actually a Japanese noodle chain from Japan. This Montreal location is just one of the over 30 global locations. Many Ramen-lovers praise this spot for their on-point miso broth.

8. Tsukuyomi Ramen 

Where: 5207 Saint-Laurent // Mile-End

Why you should go: This mile-end ramen spot is a newcomer to t city but has already gathered a great deal of attention. It's also got a trendy and creative flair to their atmosphere, making it a unique spot to take a date or for a special night out.

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