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Top 10 Best Ramen Noodle Restaurants In Montreal

Tasty bowls of happyness you won't regret eating.
Top 10 Best Ramen Noodle Restaurants In Montreal

Alright, raise your hand if you've got a bae (even if you're your own bae, no shame). Or raise your hand if you're going on a date in the foreseeable future. Are your hands raised? Perfect! Because there's no better spot to take a date than a ramen spot.

Seriously, ramen is basically a bowl of pure good vibes, which I feel is a major part of any date. And although Montreal has many, many places for you to slurp your way into your S/O's heart, a handful of them stand out as having both awesome ramen, and awesome date atmospheres.

1. Yokato Yokabai

A photo posted by Dylan Kong (@damn___dylan) on

4185 Drolet

First and foremost, if you love your S/O, you've got to bring them here. The ramen here is so delicious that you absolutely need to share it with any and all loved ones in your life.

Although there's a lot to love about this adorable spot - and its top notch ramen - my personal fave thing about this place is the broth. They offer two different types of ramen, a spicy and a non-spicy version, but both broths are incredibly creamy, flavourful, complex, and amazing. But the fantastic ramen isn't the only thing that makes this place top notch for a date. It's got dim lights, super friendly staff, and intimate seating, all of which makes it perfect for a night out with bae.


2. Nakamichi

A photo posted by Michael (@nmichaelhd) on

2159 Rue Mackay

If you've ever been to Nakamichi, then you know. You know all about the super friendly staff, the trendy and intimate vibe, and the mindblowing ramen (s/o to their Nouveau Classique ramen which, btw, will totally change up the ramen game for you, trust).

But if you have yet to try the wonder that is this downtown ramen restaurant, then worry not. The perfect time to check out Nakamichi is while you're on a date. Not only will you both get to experience new and amazing tastes, but the vibe here is incredibly date-friendly. Meaning you and your s/o can rest easy knowing that you're picking one of the best ramen spots, and date spots, all in one.


3. Misoya

A photo posted by * Vip * (@xxheonxx) on

2065 Rue Bishop

For some reason, I'm totally obsessed with the ramen at Misoya. Actually, scratch that. I know exactly why: it's a work of actual art.

And if you and bae love ramen, then you guys will totally obsess over this place, too. Not only is the ramen here flavourful and rich, with fresh and high-quality ingredients, but it also features some of the tastiest noodles I've ever had in my life. Seriously, although the whole dish is on a whole other level of awesome, these perfectly crunchy, tender noodles elevate the dish to something that's just plain out of this world. And something that you and your S/O will totally and completely fall in love with,


4. Hakata Ramen

A photo posted by MTL | KENZA. F | (@kenza_kenza) on

1216 Rue Stanley

This spot manages to be super casual and comfortable, while maintaininga kind of fancy vibe - which makes it one of the best spots for a date. Not only will the vibe impress bae, though, but the actual ramen here will pretty much blow them out of the water.

First of all, every bowl of ramen at Hakata is mouthwateringly amazing, made with incredibly fresh and tasty ingredients. But the real star of the show? Hands down their Hakata Style Crispy Chicken Ramen. It features all the standard fixings of a typical, delicious bowl of Hakata's ramen, with the incredibly welcome addition of Hakata's crispy, tender, tasty chicken. Trust, it's a ramen experience you won't soon forget.


5. Kinton Ramen

A photo posted by Café Myriade (@cafemyriade) on

1211 Rue Bishop

Montreal's very own version of Toronto's super popular Kinton Ramen restaurants, this spot is one of the newer places to slurp up a bowl of your fave in the city. But it's been making one serious, major splash - and for goold reason.

The ramen here is so, so on point. Everything marries together perfectly, but all the ingredients still manage to shine - and major bonus points for having one of the tastiest marinated eggs, ever. The main reason why you should take your date here, though, is because treating anyone to a fresh bowl of Kinton's ramen is basically like a big, huge, warm hug. Plus, the super friendly and warm atmosphere really make for a prime date spot, as well.


6. Ichifuku


A photo posted by Razvan L-M (@razvanlm) on

1925 Rue Sainte-Catherine

If you're all about a fresh bowl of ramen, then you're literally going to fall in love with Ichifuku. Their ingredients are top notch, and all come together to form one incredibly tasty, steaming bowl of the best.

Their noodles are particularly tasty. Although they might change depending on the bowl you take, they're always fresh (you can see them being made), bursting with flavour, and perfectly firm-yet-chewy. Although you legit can't go wrong here, for something a little spicier, try their Volcano Ramen. It's not for the faint of heart, but if you can handle all the tasty spice, it's super worth it.


7. Kinka Izakaya

A photo posted by Jax (@jaxxie815) on

1624 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Take your date here, and prepare for one seriously good time, guys. Kinka kind of specializes in making sure you're getting the best possible time; they have a seriously fun and vibrant atmosphere, authentic and tasty food, and amazing drinks (sake bombs, anyone?)

And, of course, taking a date here for a slurpy bowl of ramen is pretty much an amazing idea. My own personal fave is their Neo Shoyu Ramen, with flavourful, chewy pork, tasty fish broth, perfectly cooked noodles, and much, much more.


8. Ramen-Ya

A photo posted by ?Model @ Folio Montréal (@in_natalialand) on

4274 Boul St-Laurent

Story time, guys: I had my very first bowl of ramen years ago at Ramen-Ya. It was amazing, and although I've tried many bowls since, I always find myself going back to Ramen-Ya for one of their tasty, piping hot dishes.

Although they've got an incredibly solid selection of ramen, by far my favourite is their spicy beef variety. It's got all the complexity and flavour that you've come to expect from an incredibly mouthwatering bowl of ramen, with a little bit of fragrant, flavourful spice added in to the mix. Sounds tasty? You know it does.


9. Saka-Ba

A photo posted by saka_ba (@saka_ba) on

1279 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Alright, straight up, the food here is fantastic. A lot of that has to do with the fact that everything here is spearheaded by Chef Junichi Ikematsu, the brains behind Montreal's mindblowing Jun-I restaurant; and a lot of that also has to do with the fact that the ingredients here are fresh and high-quality, making for some seriously unforgettable dishes.

Which, of course, includes their ramen. Cooked to perfection, they've got a super solid selection of ramen - which include a lobster and pork broth option. Seeing as this spot is an izakaya, though, you can go beast on a vast number of other Japanese comfort food options, just in case you've impressed your date so much with your selection that they're down to sample pretty much everything.


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