Best Ramen Restaurants In Montreal

Bubbling hot, flavourful bowls of happiness.

Friends, it's freezing outside. I'm not even going to lie or sugarcoat this. It's really, really, really cold.

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But the good news is that in Montreal, we've figured out crafty ways around the cold! Like, for example, feasting on delicious, bubbling hot bowls of ramen. And in the city, there are tons of awesome ramen restaurants; but a select few truly stand out.

Yokato Yokabai

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4185 Drolet

Okay, this Plateau ramen house might just be one of my all-time fave Montreal restaurants. They offer one type of ramen, which is super flavourful, a little creamy, and all-around awesome; you can have it with chicken or pork, but no matter what you pick, it's highkey amazing.



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2159 Rue Mackay

This adorable restaurant is situated in downtown Montreal, right next to Concordia University. The atmosphere is super welcoming - making it perfect for a ramen date, TBH - and the food is spectacular. They have a handful of different sorts of ramen to choose from, all of which include super fresh, flavourful ingredients.


Ramen Plaza

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6553 Rue St-Hubert

Located in Montreal's Plazs St. Hubert, this spot is one of the newest on this list - but it's already making a big, soupy splash. And if you've ever been, you know exactly why: their ramen is what literal dreams are made of.



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1925 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Okay, yum. The ramen at this downtown Montreal restaurant is awesome, and it has a lot to do with their super fresh, thin, doughy, delicious noodles... although, honestly, everything about their ramen bowls are on. Point.



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2065 Rue Bishop

I don't know what it is about this spot that makes me love it so much. Is it their super flavourful broths? The abundance of topping options? Or the slightly firm, delicious ramen noodles? Either way, it's clear that everything comes together at this downtown restaurant to make for one awesome bowl of ramen.


Sumo Ramen

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1007 Boul St-Laurent

A ramen restaurant in Montreal's Chinatown, this spot is seriously legit. Fresh, tasty, and oh-so good ramen soups await you at this cozy spot.


Ramen Ya

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4274 Boul St-Laurent

True story: the first bowl of ramen I ever had was at Montreal's Ramen-Ya, years and years ago. It was amazing, and to this day, it remains top notch. Their ingredients are fresh, their noodles are delicious, and the broth is legit full of love.


Hakata Ramen

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1216 Rue Stanley

This downtown ramen spot is arguably one of the most well-known in Montreal. And if you've ever been there, you know exactly why it's so famous... the ramen is literally to die for. Bonus points for their delicious crispy chicken, which is moist, flavourful, and the perfect addition to any bowl of ramen.


Kinton Ramen

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1211 Rue Bishop

This super well-known Toronto ramen shop has finally made its way to Montreal, and trust, the results are spectacular. The ramen here is delicious, and their other menu options (such as their to die for takoyaki, or Japanese squid balls) are awesome, too.


Ramen 9000

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4609 Rue Notre-Dame O

This ramen pop-up shop is situated in St. Henri's Dalla Rose ice cream shop, and trust, it's amazing. They even offer vegan ramen options, for those of us who want to taste their awesome ramen bowls, but have decided to go cruelty-free in life.


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