Best Restaurants In Montreal's NDG 2016

Delicious eats from the Deeg.
Best Restaurants In Montreal's NDG 2016

Alright, straight up, if you're from NDG - do you even know how lucky you are? I'm betting that you do. Montreal's Notre-Dame-de-Grâce is a beautiful borough, full of super fun things to do, beautiful things to see - and, yes, amazing places to eat at.

That's right, NDG has some of the best restaurants in the city, TBH. And although there are legit tons of amazing places for you to grab a bite to eat, a few in particular stand out. Read on for Best Restaurants In Montreal's NDG 2016.

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1. Lucille's Oyster Dive

5626 Av de Monkland

Okay, seriously, my love for Lucille's knows no bounds. There's something about the copious amounts of fresh, tasty seafood, the trendy yet casual vibe, and the awesome location, that makes this NDG spot a big, huge winner in my book. Not only does Lucille's do seafood right, though, but their menu also has a handful of "turf" items - like their smoked baby back ribs, or their black angus beef tartare - that will have you crying tears of shameless joy with just one bite. Friends, if you want an awesome meal in NDG, you know where to go.


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2. Chalet Bar-B-Q

5456 Rue Sherbrooke O

BBQ chicken lovers (so everyone, basically), rejoice. NDG's Chalet BBQ is here to satisfy all of your barbecued chicken cravings. First of all, the interior of this place is a seriously awesome throwback to your favourite chalet; and the food here is an equally great throwback to the best chicken meal you've ever had. Actually, scratch that. This is the best chicken meal you're ever going to have, no throwbacks. With chicken that's crunchy and tasty on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and prices that seriously cannot be beat, Chalet BBQ is not only one of the best spots to grab a meal in NDG, but it also just might be your new fave.


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3. Gryphon D'Or

5968 Av de Monkland

I have so much love for Gryphon D'Or. If I could spend my whole life here, I probably would. No regrets. But what is it that makes Gryphon D'Or so special? Well, it's hard to pinpoint one thing. It's more like a combination of a bunch of things - but in particular, their cozy and welcoming vibe, and their awesome food. Seriously. With a menu featuring stuffed french toast dishes (like their "Strawberry Shortcake", featuring strawberries, sweet cream, and a bunch of other amazing things), eggs Benedict, a Scone Breakfast Sandwich, and other mouthwatering options, it's safe to say thatthe food at Gryphon D'Or is a thing of pure beauty. Tasty, delicious beauty.


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4. La Louisiane

5850 Rue Sherbrooke O

Real talk: Cajun food is amazing. And the Cajun food at La Louisiane? Mind blowing. Already named as one of NDG's most key spots to take a date, La Louisiane has been proving its awesomeness to Montrealers for decades. Just what makes it so amazing, though? Well, their food just might have something to do with it. Featuring tasty, fresh, and super authentic Cajun food, La Louisiane will have you hooked from the second you bite into one of their tasty dishes, pretty much cementing their status as an NDG institution at this stage in the game.


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5. Mate Latte

5837 Rue Sherbrooke O

Alright, friends, straight up: The waffles at Mate Latte are pure art. There might be a lot of hype surrounding these morsels of pure, fluffy, crispy happiness - but believe me when I say that no matter what, you absolutely have to believe in the hype. The waffles here are fluffy, flavourful, golden, crispy, and will have you crying real tears of pure joy. Of course, the same could be said about all the food at this NDG cafe. Everything is fresh and made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring that no matter what you pick, you're getting the best dining experience possible. And that's a beautiful thing, guys. A beautiful thing indeed.


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6. Villa Du Souvlaki

5347 Rue Sherbrooke O

If you love flavourful, authentic Greek food, then you're going to love Villa Du Souvlaki. This NDG Greek restaurant is seriously amazing - serving up fresh and legit dishes, one meal probably won't be enough to satisfy the craving. I mean, I don't recommend ordering, like, 3 dishes at once and devouring all of them because it's just so good you can't get enough... but at the same time, you know, no judgement. Protip: The souvlaki pita here is particularly amazing, with thick, tasty tzatiki, crisp, tasty veggies and fresh, moist chicken stuffed into an incredibly chewy and delicious pita. Get there now, friends, and thank me later.


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7. Prohibition

5674 Av de Monkland

I honestly don't even know where to begin with Prohibition- it's so good, there are just too many things to focus on, TBH. We could talk about their amazingly casual, welcoming atmosphere. We could talk about their awesome location - right in Monkland Village. We could talk about their super fair prices. Or we could talk about the food... actually, let's just dive right into the food. Prohibition is known for its delicious and innovative brunch menu, featuring things like chicken and waffles (!!!) and breakfast poutine. But their dinner menu? Yeah. Amazing. Boasting dishes such as poutine fritters, shrimp and lardon tagliatelle, and deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough, any meal at Prohibition is bound to be an amazing one. New fave? Found.


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8. Amaranto

5974 Av de Monkland

Already getting a shoutout for being one of the best Mexican restaurants in Montreal, Amaranto's awesome atmosphere and delicious food makes it a shoe-in for one of the best spots to eat in NDG, as well. Their vibe is super cozy and friendly, making it perfect for a gathering, or even for a date; and their food? Their menu features fresh, delicious classic Mexican fare - including a stellar avocado soup - meaning that no matter what you choose to eat, there's no going wrong at this NDG Mexican restaurant.


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9. Hwang-Kum

5908 Rue Sherbrooke O

Okay, the first thing you might notice about this NDG spot? How cramped it gets. Seriously, the food here is so good that people generally don't mind cramming into this place for one bite of their delicious Asian fare. And trust me, friends, you're going to want to brave the crowd yourself. The food here is a magical combination of incredibly flavourful, fresh, and just plain amazing; but the star of the show at Hwang-Kum? Their seafood pancake. Try it the next time you go, and thank me later.

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10. Momesso

5562 Chemin Upper Lachine

Do you like fresh, delicious subs for awesome prices? You know what, that was a bit of a dumb question. Of course you do. And luckily, NDG's Momesso has been in the business of serving up their signature tasty, fresh sub sandwiches for years. Protip? Get the onion rings as a side, and try to go for their sausage sub. It's heavenly.


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