Best Restaurants In Laval 2016

Scrumptious spots to discover.
Best Restaurants In Laval 2016

Alright, friends, raise your hand if you're from Laval. Okay, now raise your hand if you've ever been to Laval. Are all of our hands up? Probably not, TBH, which is actually a little sad because Laval is highkey amazing.

I'm not personally from Laval, but I live just across the bridge - so sometimes, certain things are closer for me in Laval than in Montreal. But that's not the reason why I love to venture into Laval, friends: It's actually a wonderful, vibrant area, full of cool things to do and great places to eat at. Don't believe me? Well, prepare to believe. Read on for Best Restaurants In Laval 2016.

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1. Trattoria Bellamore

270 Boulevard Samson

Alright, honestly, I don't even know where to begin with this St. Dorothy dining spot. Everything - from the service, to the vibe, to the food - is seriously awesome, but I guess I'll just dive right in and talk about their food. Friends, if you love Italian food, you need to get yourself here. It doesn't matter if you're from Laval or not. Make the trek. It's worth it, trust me. The menu here is super varied, and features traditional, authentic Italian fare made with super fresh and high-quality ingredients. My favourite has to be their Terra e Mare, which consists of a succulent slice of filet mignon and a delicious lobster tail. Combined with their super fair prices and friendly, contemporary vibe, and you've got yourself your next favourite dining spot, friends.


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2. Torii Sushi

2131 Boulevard le Carrefour

I've shown Torii some love in the past, but honestly, this place totally deserves another mention. Beyond having fresh and tasty sushi that's consistently beautifully presented, Torii also has some seriously creative dishes - like their Sunomono, which features scallops and a citrus sauce, among other things. Oh, and a huge shoutout to their sashimi. Savoury chunks of sashimi that are flavourful and melt-in-your-mouth delicious? Yes, please.


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3. Le Mitoyen

652 Rue de la Place Publique

A Laval foodie's paradise, Le Mitoyen features traditional French cuisine with an added contemporary twist, such as lamb tartare with feta cheese and sweetbread tempura. The menu here is super creative - and the food is mind blowing: Super fresh, super flavourful, and made using high-quality, local ingredients. Other than that, though, Le Mitoyen scores some serious points because of its ambiance. Hosted in an old cottage, this spot is rustic, beautiful, intimate, and pretty much perfect for a date or a gathering. Fans of food, get yourselves here, no matter where in Montreal you might find yourself.


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4. Charme Cochinchine

2100 Boul le Corbusier

This Laval Vietnamese restaurant is seriously, seriously on point. If you're a lover of Pho, you seriously have got to get yourself here and try their Pho Bo Vien, which features their signature flavourful, complex, steamy broth - but with the added bonus of beef meatballs. Trust, it's delicious. Of course, that can be said about pretty much everything on their menu: Featuring fresh, authentic, quality ingredients, there's really no way you can go wrong at Charme Cochinchine.


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5. Gualdieri

2016 Boulevard René Laennec

Italian food lovers, rejoice. Gualdieri has some of the most legit Italian food you'll ever have the pleasure of trying. Their menu features traditional Italian dishes, such as pasta, pizza, and veal; and although my own personal favourite is the Linguini Amalfitana (linguini with shrimps, clams, and mussels), their menu is hugely varied with one amazing, fresh, tasty dish after another - which means there's seriously something here for everyone. Oh, and major points for their awesome service and friendly vibe, which makes this spot perfect for a dinner with family or friends; a date; a gathering... or anything, basically.


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6. Brazas Portugal

169 Boulevard Sainte-Rose

Alright, who here loves Portuguese chicken? Everyone? Good. Because Brazas Portugal serves up some seriously amazing Portuguese chicken, friends: moist, charred, and bursting with that oh-so tasty flavour, Brazas Portugal is seriously one of the best spots to grab a bite in Laval. Although their chicken is a clear standout, don't let that stop you from exploring the rest of the menu, though. Their grilled calamari? Mouthwatering, friends. Mouthwatering.


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7. À L'Imparfait

3015 Boulevard de la Concorde E

Fans of amazing bring your own wine restaurants, do I have some good news for you. Not only does Laval's À L'Imparfait serve up some seriously amazing traditional French dishes in a friendly-yet-intimate setting, but it also happens to be a bring your own wine spot. So you can nosh on their delicious food while sipping on a glass of your favourite wine, too. Wrap this all together with their super comfortable vibe - which makes it the perfect setting for a date or a get-together - and their really fair prices, and what do you have? You have your next fave, friends. You have your next fave.


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8. Bouchée Du Boucher

3415 Boulevard de la Concorde E

Okay, honestly, this place is amazing. A little newer than some other spots on this page, Bouchee du Boucher has been making a serious splash due to their high-quality, super fresh dishes. They specialize in sandwiches, with options such as Italian sausage and caprese, but they offer sides - like salads, poutines, and their famously amazing homemade chips - as well. Oh, and protip? Every single sandwich is made with fresh meats and ingredients, so no matter what you pick you're in for a good time, but my personal favourite is their melt-in-your-mouth, savoury, tasty porchetta sandwich. So much yum.


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9. Tandoori Palace

3424 Boulevard Cartier O

Love authentic Indian food? (Rhetorical question, I know - everyone loves authentic Indian food). Then you'll love Tandoori Palace. This restaurant is quite possibly the go-to spot for legit Indian food in Laval, with fresh, authentic, and super flavourful dishes. Oh, and a little tip? Their entire menu is amazing, but their shrimp biryani is totally outstanding, friends. Try it now, and thank me later.


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