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Best Restaurants In Montreal's LaSalle 2015

Don't read this if you're hungry.

Okay, be honest: how many of you have ventured into LaSalle? I seriously hope everyone raised their hand on this one, because LaSalle has got some great things going for it. Seriously. That waterfront view? Amazing. The location? Super convenient. And the restaurants? So, so on point. If you're from LaSalle, then you already know what I'm talking about. If not, then don't worry. Go pay LaSalle a visit, and read on for Best Restaurants In Montreal's LaSalle 2015.

1. La Griglia d'Oro

7681 Boulevard Newman

Let's not mince words: the food here is amazing. This Italian eatery features meat, pasta, fish, seafood, and pretty much everything required for you to enjoy life. And the best part? They make it so. Freaking. Good. Their lobster ravioli is among the Top 5 pasta dishes I've had in my whole life, and their veal? Pretty much as melt-in-your-mouth delicious as you can get. Don't walk to La Griglia d'Oro. Run. Absolutely.


2. Capitales Burgers

8612 Rue Centrale

You know how in Bob's Burgers, they call Bob a meat artist? That's exactly what the chef at Capitales Burgers should be called. Because their food is actually art. Fresh and creative hamburgers rule the menu here - and even though their breakfasts are also a thing of beauty, and their poutines just might turn you into an actual heart eyes emoji, there's no doubt as to why the burgers are their claim to fame. Protip: try the Roma Hamburger. Omg.


3. Kyomi

7660 Boulevard Newman

Raise your hand if you love tartare. Raise it high, because you're not alone. And because now, you have a new favourite place to get it. Kyomi's salmon and tuna tartare are to die for - but then again, so is the rest of their food. Including their sushi. Add this all together with the super cool atmosphere and decor, as well as the fact that you can bring your own wine, and you've got a recipe for one amazing restaurant.


Photo cred- George Grinsted

4. Pizzeria Centrale

7610 Rue Centrale

Hey, do you love fresh and authentic pizza? That was a rhetorical question. Everyone loves fresh and authentic pizza. And, luckily for everyone, that's exactly what you'll get at Pizzeria Centrale. Plus, they've been serving up on point pizza pies since the early 1970s - so you know they know what they're doing. Run there the next time you're craving pizza, my friends, and prepare to shed actual tears of happiness.


5. Marash

2019 Rue Lapierre

Ever tried Turkish Delight? What about Turkish ice cream? If your answer to both of those questions is no, then I'm very sorry you've been missing out for so long. But don't worry. The good news is, you get to try the very best of both of these - and other Turkish delicacies - at Marash. A Turkish bakery/cafe located in LaSalle, it's pretty much the perfect solution for your caffeine craving and your latest sweet tooth attack. Enjoy, friends.


6. Riventino

7 8e Avenue

Searching for a hidden gem that serves fresh and homemade Italian food? Well, good news. Your search is over. Riventino serves up some of the most legit, authentic Italian food. Many dishes are delicious in their simplicity - and for an extra tasty twist, try their homemade lasagne in a meaty béchamel sauce. Trust me when I tell you to run here for your next pasta craving, friend.


7. LaSalle Drive-In

8760 Boulevard Lasalle

One thing about the LaSalle Drive-In: you can't beat that waterfront view. Similarly, you can't beat their awesome diner-style food and friendly atmosphere. Although their smoked meat is super delicious, you really can't go wrong with anything that you pick. Also, S/O to their Greek salad. Who knew someone could make salad so freaking delicious?


8. Restaurant Byla Byla

1395 Avenue Dollard

A family restaurant with delicious and unique food, there is literally no way you can go wrong at Byla Byla.Not only is the food fresh and downright amazing, but the atmosphere is friendly and the prices are super fair - especially for the morsels of pure awesome that you're getting. Seriously, the next time you're craving some straight up delicious food, don't hesitate to pay Byla Byla a visit.


Photo cred - Bocci Resto Café

9. Bocci Restaurant & Lounge

1756 Avenue Dollard

The quintessential resto-lounge in LaSalle. Not only is the food delicious (shoutout to their "Alla Marsala" veal scalopini), but their atmosphere cannot be beat. Seriously. A live DJ every Thursday (and half off meals for women), a dance night every Saturday, and a fun, friendly atmosphere the rest of the week? That's a huge win, my friends. Bring a date. Go there for a girl's night - it's all good. No matter what, you'll have a great time.


10.Sushi Now

1603 Ave Dollard

Fresh sushi? Check. Beautiful sushi? Check. Delicious sushi? Check. I think it's pretty clear that Sushi Now kills it in terms of amazing sushi. LaSalle friends, you're a lucky bunch. Non-LaSalle friends? Make the trip. Trust me. It's more than worth it.


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