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Best Restaurants In Montreal's NDG

Go to spots in one of the city's most interesting boroughs.

Alright, guys, I'll let you in on a little secret: Montreal's NDG (or Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, technically) is one incredibly awesome borough.

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Not only is it a beautiful and super fun area of the city, but NDG also happens to have some amazing restaurants. These spots are totally worth checking out, even if Notre-Dame-de-Grâce is a bit of a trek for you.

Taco Bar

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5674 Av de Monkland

Fresh, delicious tacos in a trendy and fun setting? Um, sign me TF up, TBH.


Chalet Bar-B-Q

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5456 Rue Sherbrooke O

This classic Montreal institution is probably one of the best places on the island to grab a deliciously charred, juicy barbecued chicken, and is totally a reason why you need to check out NDG ASAP.


Gryphon D'Or

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5968 Av de Monkland

A funky, fun tea house on Monkland, this spot serves up delicious brunch options, and has one seriously stellar afternoon tea option (but make sure to call a few days in advance and order it).


Villa Du Souvlaki

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5347 Rue Sherbrooke O

A beyond delicious Greek restaurant in NDG, this classic spot is a favourite for many, many Montrealers. And if you've ever been, then you know exactly why: the food here? Amazing.


Mon Ami

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6290 Avenue Somerled

Known for their deliciously crispy and flavourful Korean-style fried chicken, this restaurant is one seriously solid choice for awesome Korean in the city.


Prime BBQ

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6450 Avenue Somerled

If ribs, pulled pork, and brisket are the name of your game, then you're in luck. This relatively new Somerled restaurant is home to some of the tastiest meats in the city, TBH.


Gia Ba

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5766 Av de Monkland

Thai food lovers, rejoice! This Szechuan/Taiwanese restaurant is sure to hit the spot for whatever craving you've got, including General Tao chicken, fried squid, and more!



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5700 Av de Monkland

This NDG restaurant is known for their above and beyond tasty brunches, which includes avocado toast, coconut milk pudding, and a whole lot more.



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5974 Av de Monkland

An awesome Mexican restaurant on Monkland, this authentic spot has all your faves... including one seriously stellar guacamole dip.

Notre Boeuf De Grace

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5732 Rue Sherbrooke O

This burger spot is pretty much bae, friends. They've got awesome creations, thick, juicy patties, fresh ingredients, and the best vibes around.


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5908 Rue Sherbrooke O

At this popular eatery, authentic Korean dishes, awesome vibes, and super fair prices all come together to make a dining experience you'll remember for a long, long time.