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Best Restaurants In Montreal's South Shore

Where to feed your mouth in the South.
Best Restaurants In Montreal's South Shore

If you've been keeping up with my articles, then you know that I don't actually live in Montreal's South Shore. But I have a lot of close family members that do, so for years, I've often ended up spending a good amount of time in Brossard, Longueuil, Boucherville, and a bunch of other surrounding neighbourhoods.

As a result, I'd like to think I'm pretty savvy when it comes to finding awesome restaurants located in the South Shore. Which is super difficult to do, for one very good reason: All the restaurants in the South Shore are so, so amazing. It's very hard to find a spot you don't enjoy, and very easy to find a bunch that you absolutely adore. So, friends, here are a few of the absolute best spots in Montreal's South Shore.

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1. Primi Piatti

47 Rue Green, Saint-Lambert

Alright, who here loves fresh and delicious Italian food? Everyone? Great, because at Primi Piatti, that's exactly what you're going to get. First of all, the restaurant gives off kind of a classier vibe, which makes it the perfect spot for a date or for a celebration or gathering - and their food? Yeah. Amazing. They offer classic, delicious dishes, such as tortellini with Italian sausage and veal scallopini, so no matter what, you know there's going to be something here to impress even the harshest of critics.


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2. Mitsuki Sushi

8840 Boulevard Leduc, Brossard

All you can eat sushi fans, rejoice. Mitsuki, located in what I truly believe to be the world's best shopping complex (Brossard's Dix30, obvs), is one of the most legit places you can go to get your sushi fix. Every single thing at Mitsuki is fresh and flavourful; and the best part is that it's all you can eat, so you can get yourself as much of their delicious food as you can fit into your stomach.


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3. Como Pizza

577 Boulevard Taschereau

Truth time: I'm actually obsessed with this South Shore pizza spot. There are a couple of factors that make the pizza here rank among the best - like their dough, which is always cooked to perfection, crispy and golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It makes the perfect bed for their fresh, tasty toppings, always packed on with a few layers of delicious, decadent cheese. I could go on forever about how awesome the pizza is here, but I can't do it justice. You're just going to have to get there and try it out for yourselves.


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4. Moghel Tandoori

2770 Boul Jacques-Cartier E, Longueuil

This Longueuil spot is pretty much an essential for anyone who enjoys Indian food, whether you live on Montreal's South Shore or not. Moghel offers deliciously fresh, classic Indian fare, such as butter chicken, shrimp tandoori, and mattar paneer; all of their dishes are cooked amazingly well and are bursting with vibrant flavours. Add this in with their warm, friendly vibe, and super fair prices, and you've got a recipe for your next favourite spot, friends.


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5. Silva Grillades

177 Rue Saint-Charles Ouest, Longueuil

If you love Portuguese food, then you're in luck. This Longueuil Portuguese food spot is seriously mind-blowing. Not only is their food super tasty and super fresh, but their dishes blend traditional Portuguese food with little, awesome twists - like their "Sardinhas" dish (sardines served with Mediterranean salsa), or their Portuguese chicken breast and goat cheese dish. All the yums? You know it.


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6. Cru Bar A Huitres

585 Av Victoria, Saint-Lambert

Friends, if you love raw food, then you're going to fall in love with Cru. This South Shore spot specializes in serving up the freshest, most tasty raw dishes that you've ever put in your mouth (like their salmon tartare, featuring grilled fennel and Sriracha vinaigrette... but if raw's not your thing, then don't worry. You can enjoy one of their out of this world amazing cooked dishes, too, all in their super welcoming and trendy atmosphere.


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7. Dur A Cuire

219 Rue Saint-Jean, Longueuil

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with Dur A Cuire. Every single aspect about this Longueuil French restaurant is seriously on point, from their trendy-yet-casual atmosphere, to their tasty dishes that tend to blend traditional French dishes with more modern twists. A selection of their innovative menu? Butternut squash gnocchi with goat cheese mousse and basil-hazlenut milk.


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8. Le Péché Matinal

337 Rue Saint-Charles Ouest, Longueuil

Breakfast lovers (so everyone, basically), this one's for you. Le Péché Matinal, located in Longueuil, is pretty much one of the best spots in the South Shore to grab an awesome breakfast. Their ingredients are always high quality and super fresh; their dishes always explode with delicious flavours; and their atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and friendly. All in all, if you're looking for an incredible breakfast in the South Shore, stop looking. You found your spot.


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9. Restaurant Kiso

265 Boulevard D'Anjou, Châteauguay

Located in Chateauguay, Restaurant Kiso specializes in making some of the most awesome sushi rolls you've ever tasted. Actually, scratch that: Although their rolls are the stuff of legends, featuring fresh ingredients and decadent, amazing flavours, their sashimi is particularly on point. Always fresh and seriously yummy, there's literally no way you can go wrong at this Chateauguay sushi spot.


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10. Miss Italia

1380 Av Victoria, Greenfield Park

As I'm sure we all know, pizza is bae. And Miss Italia is pretty much the definition of pizza bae, friends. First and foremost, Miss Italia has been in business since the sixties, which in and of itself is a huge testament to how awesome it is - but don't just take that as proof. Their pizzas? Fresh, delicious, and, in short, out of this world. Get there now, friends, and thank me later.


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