Best Restaurants In Montreal’s West Island 2016

Delicious spots ahead.

Although I'm not from the West Island, I do have a lot of family and friends who live there - meaning I've spent a good chunk of my childhood (and adulthood) roaming the streets of Kirkland, DDO and Pointe-Claire, and loafing at Fairview Shopping Centre. Oh, and discovering awesome places to eat, of course.

One thing I've realized through my many days in the West Island? West Islanders are seriously lucky. You guys have got tons - and I mean tons - of awesome restaurants, right in your backyard. But what about those of us who are new to the West Island, or who might not know about some of the best spots? Well, don't worry, friends. I've got your back. Read on for Best Restaurants In Montreal’s West Island 2016.

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1. Bistro Nolah

3669 Boul. Saint-Jean

Seriously, where do I even start with Bistro Nolah? Everything about this spot is amazing. Their menu is hugely varied, and offer things from delicious, creamy, flavourful macaroni and cheese, to Southern-style ceviche. Wrap this all up with their welcoming, fun vibe and super fair prices, and what do you get? You get an awesome time, friends. You get an awesome time.


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2. 40 Westt

2305 Route Transcanadienne

40 Westt is the type of spot that leaves a really good impression on you. The first time I went was for my 18th birthday with my parents (almost seven years ago now... yikes), and I'll still never forget how awesome that night was - simply put, this place was. on. point. The food was super tasty, fresh, and cooked amazingly well; the drinks were delicious; and it had a friendly, upscale vibe that I just loved. To this day, 40 Westt continues to impress me, standing out because of the quality of its food, its amazing vibe, and pretty much its overall awesome factor. If you're looking for a dining experience, friends, then look no further - you found it.


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3. La Serenata

53 Boulevard Brunswick

Okay, this spot is amazing. La Serenata features delicious, classic Italian dishes in a contemporary and friendly setting - the vibe is an awesome combination of intimate and fun, making pretty much the perfect West Island restaurant for a date, a birthday party, or anything in between. Not only is their vibe amazing, though, but their food? OMG. Prepared to be blown away. Their "Tortellini alla Cardinale" in particular are a work of pure art, but honestly, so is everything else on the menu. Get there, friends, and prepare to feel pure, unbridled joy.


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4. Sahib

225B Hymus Blvd

I've already shown Sahib some love for their delicious butter chicken, but this West Island Indian restaurant deserves infinite shout-outs. While it's true that their butter chicken is amazing - a perfect combination of sweet, savoury, creamy, and spicy, with tender, juicy chunks of beautifully cooked chicken - the rest of their menu is delicious, as well. Their samosas? OMG. Perfectly crispy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Their naan bread? So chewy, so moist, so yummy. I could go on and on, but I'll just leave it at this: get there, friends, and treat yourself to some seriously outstanding Indian food.


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5. Avocado Sushi

270 Chemin du Bord-du-Lac-Lakeshore

True talk, there is probably nothing out there that's as amazing as sushi. Except really, really good sushi - and at Avocado, really, really good sushi is their specialty. They offer up fresh, tasty, and super unique sushi rolls (such as their "Doshi" roll, which features spicy salmon, Asian pear, and maple syrup, among others); super fair prices; and an amazingly friendly, inviting vibe. All in all? This place is amazing, and if you're searching for your next sushi spot, stop the search. You've found Avocado.


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6. Les 3 Maria

4886 Boulevard des Sources

Seriously, the Portuguese chicken here? Out of this world delicious. It's crisp on the outside while remaining tender and juicy on the inside; and, as an added bonus, the Portuguese chicken at Les 3 Maria is slathered in as much delicious, flavourful, perfectly spiced sauce as possible. West Island friends, don't worry about having to travel to Montreal for authentic and amazing Portuguese chicken. You've got it right in your back yard, and it's wonderful.


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7. Jukebox Burgers

11798 Boulevard de Salaberry

I think, at this point, it's safe to say that Jukebox Burgers is one of my personal favourite spots to grab a bite. But, honestly, can you blame me? Featuring a plethora of options, freshly baked buns (holla at me, sweet yeast bun), deliciously juicy patties, and some seriously unique hamburgers, there's really no way on earth you can go wrong with a meal from Jukebox. Oh, and to top it all off? They've got a wide array of delicious desserts, including parfaits, sundaes, and the awesome - and awesomely huge - "Kitchen Sink" dessert. All I can really say is this, though: If you haven't been to Jukebox yet, you need to stop depriving yourself and get there, ASAP.


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8. Riccardo's

4071 Boul Saint-Jean

This super popular spot is a favourite among West Islanders, and for good reason. Their food? Out of this world. There's a lot of hype surrounding their pasta dishes in particular - and, friends, you should absolutely believe the hype this time. One bite of their delicious, fresh pasta dishes (like the "Frutti de Mare", featuring tender squid, juicy shrimp, and delicious scallop), and you'll be hooked. Seriously. Of course, don't get hung up on their amazingly delicious pasta - they've got a whole menu full of yummy, enticing options for you to try. And with high quality, fresh ingredients featured throughout their dishes, you should definitely explore their menu, friends.


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9. Bombay Choupati

5011 Boulevard des Sources

Another West Island favourite, Bombay Choupati has been serving up delicious and authentic Indian dishes to Montrealers for a while now. As you might have guessed, this spot specializes in Indian food - but not any Indian food, friends. Oh no. The dishes here are legit, incredibly fresh, and flavoured pretty much perfectly, making for one delicious meal. Their butter chicken is particularly delicious: moist chunks of chicken dunked in a creamy, somewhat sweet, complex sauce? Yeah, I'm totally there for that.


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10. Guaca & Mole

11598 Boulevard de Salaberry

Do you love Mexican food? Great. Because if you do, then you're going to love Guaca & Mole. This West Island Mexican spot features a tequila bar (!!!) and a menu featuring authentic, delicious Mexican cuisine. Their menu is super varied and filled with delicious choices, but if you're going there, try the "Mole Poblano. Fresh, vibrant, tasty, and flavoured perfectly, this dish is all-around amazing - but then again, so is everything else at Guaca & Mole.


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11. Le Vieux Four Manago

3636 Boulevard Saint-Charles

Pizza on point, life on point. And the pizza at Vieux Four Manago? So, so on point. Of course, this Italian eatery offers much more than just fresh, tasty, wood-oven pizza: Their menu consists of classic Italian dishes (such as fettuccini carbonara and some seriously delicious lasagne) made of super fresh and high-quality ingredients, meaning that no matter what you pick, you're going to get something mouthwateringly delicious.


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12. Kimbob Cafe

1771 Ave Cardinal

Casual, delicious Korean eats? Yes, please. Kimbob Cafe might be a little hard to spot, but don't let that stop you from going inside and noshing on any one of their super flavourful, fresh, and wonderfully cooked Asian dishes. Protip, though? Their fried ice cream is out of this world delicious - trust me when I say you absolutely have got to try it.


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13. La Porte Grecque

4600 Boulevard des Sources

This popular, classic West Island restaurant serves up some seriously awesome Greek food. Featuring fresh and tasty ingredients, La Porte Grecque features delicious classic Greek dishes - such as tiropita, moussaka and souvlaki - in a super comfortable, homey setting. Oh, and huge bonus points for their gorgeous summer terrasse. This spot is a BYOB, so in the summer, bring your own wine and enjoy their delicious food and beyond stunning outdoor eating accommodations.


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14. Table 09

9 Place Frontenac

Seriously, guys - there is no way you can go wrong at Table 09. Their menu features contemporary twists on Mediterranean food - such as Kibeh millefeuille, fattouche salad with grilled figs, and grilled halloumi cheese with pomegranate - and also classic Mediterranean dishes, such as hummus, vine leaves, and paella. Mix that in with their trendy atmosphere, beautiful plating, and fun vibe, and you know you've found your new favourite dinner spot, friends.


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15. La Verità

11680 Boulevard de Salaberry

This upscale Italian restaurant is super impressive. The perfect spot for a date, La Varita boasts a super welcoming and refined vibe - and an out of this world menu. First of all, pretty much everything on their menu is homemade, which means that you're getting super high quality and fresh dishes; add that in with the fact that everything's cooked and flavoured to perfection, and you've got yourself your next favourite restaurant, friends. Oh, and bonus points for having a seriously impressive grappa list. Fellow grappa lovers, rejoice.


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16. Toasties

4710 Boulevard Saint-Jean

Ah, Toasties. Those of us who know about Toasties know about the delicious submarine euphoria that awaits us in this West Island sub shop; those of us who don't know about Toasties? Well, you've been missing out. Sorry. But no worries, friend. Toasties has some of the most amazing sub sandwiches in the city - their fresh bread and delicious fillings make for an overall mind blowing sandwich experience - and if you're in the West Island, you can get yourself a delicious Toasties sub ASAP. If you're not out West, though? Then it might be a bit of a trek. But it's more than worth the travel time, friends, trust.


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17. Ossiano

16977 Route Transcanadienne

Alright, seriously, this spot is awesome. First of all, the restaurant itself is absolutely stunning, and with a welcoming yet upscale vibe, it's pretty much the perfect place for a gathering, a celebration, or an intimate date. But what really shines through over here? The food. Ossiano boasts some incredibly awesome seafood - their tuna tartare is particularly fresh, flavourful, and amazing, although truthfully, everything on their menu is a good choice.


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18. Smoke Meat Pete

283 1st Ave

At this point, I'm pretty sure we all know about the food euphoria that is the smoked meat at Smoke Meat Pete's. And although Smoke Meat Pete's smoked meat is pretty much a masterpiece (moist, super flavourful chunks of perfectly prepared smoked meat? Yeah, sign me up), and you definitely should try one of their delicious smoked meat sandwiches the first chance you get, don't let that pigeonhole you. The rest of their menu? Full of tasty and fresh dishes - like their mouthwatering chicken, for example - that you absolutely need. To. Try. Right. Now. Get there now, friends, and thank me later.


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19. MooSoo Sushi

4059 Boul Saint-Jean

You like fresh sushi, right? (That was a dumb question. Of course you like fresh sushi.) Well, at MooSoo, that's exactly what you'll be getting. This gem is kind of hidden, so it might be a little easy to overlook this spot - but trust me, don't make that mistake. Inside are some of the freshest and most flavourful sushi rolls you're ever going to try. Just make sure you get there hungry, friends. One bite of their mindblowing sushi, and you'll never want to stop eating it.


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20. Linguini

18990 Rte Transcanadienne

Okay, I'm seriously obsessed with this place. Their menu is full of delicions and fresh Italian fare, but trust me when I say that their homemade gnocchi are to die for. They're made with ricotta, so they're lighter than the potato kind; these morsels of happiness are also super fluffy and fresh, with just the right consistency and flavour. All the yums? You know it.


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21. Le Manoir

600 Boul Saint-Jean

A friendly, vibrant spot for awesome breakfast and pub food, Le Manoir has been a cornerstone in the West Island for quite some time now. This spot offers fresh and tasty food, huge portions, super fair prices, and has pretty much the perfect atmosphere to chill with friends over a meal (or a pint!) Sidenote: Manoir is currently closed for renovations, but is set to return in April.


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22. Marathon Souvlaki

3313 Boulevard des Sources

Okay, at this stage in the game, if you haven't been to Marathon's, what are you doing with your life? (Something productive and not chasing souvlakis like your life depends on it? Ah, cool, okay then). But in all seriousness, if you're a lover of Greek food, then you absolutely have to check out the Marathon's West Island location. Their classic Greek dishes are fresh and tasty - and their souvlakis? Moist chunks of meat surrounded by tangy, tasty tzatziki and fresh, crisp vegetables piled high into the chewiest, fluffiest pita ever. AKA, a pretty amazing time, friends.


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