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20 Restaurants To Go To On Montreal's St. Denis Street 2016

Delicacies from one of Montreal's main arteries.
20 Restaurants To Go To On Montreal's St. Denis Street 2016

Ah, St. Denis. Slicing through a good chunk of Montreal, St. Denis is not only a huge street, but it's also a super important one. St. Denis is home to tons of Montreal businesses, shops, homes, bars, things to do, and - yes - even restaurants.

Navigating this super trendy street might be a little overwhelming, especially if you're not used to being there every day. But if you find yourself on this important stretch of Montreal, and you find yourself craving a good spot to eat, then don't worry. I got you. Read on for 20 Restaurants To Go To On Montreal's St. Denis Street 2016.

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1. Chambre À Part

3619 Rue Saint-Denis

Friends, I've given this St. Denis spot some love in the past, and honestly, it deserves another shoutout. First of all, this spot is seriously gorgeous: Rustic, contemporary, romantic, and pretty much the perfect spot for a date (or a friend date, whatever). Second of all, the food? Yeah. OMG. Featuring classic dishes with contemporary twists, Chambre À Part's innovative menu and fresh, tasty dishes are seriously a work of art. Get yourself there, friends, and prepare to be amazed.


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2. Mâche

1655 Rue Saint-Denis

Okay, who here loves comfort food? Everyone? Perfect, because in that case, you're going to love Mâche. A casual, urban St. Denis spot featuring some seriously legit comfort food - such as grilled cheese, poutine, and shepherd's pie - Mâche is pretty much the perfect place for anyone who's a fan of food. Protip? Try one of their shephard's pie dishes. They've got a bunch to choose from, but all of them feature creamy, delicious mashed potatoes, super fresh ingredients, and an all-around awesome factor of infinity.


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3. Cinko

1641 Rue Saint-Denis

Alright, I'm just going to get this out of the way now. At Cinko, all of their dishes are offered for the grand price of $5. That's right, friends: Down for some chilli? $5. Down for nachos? $5. Feeling some general Tao chicken? You know how much you'll be paying. Surprisingly, the best thing about Cinko is not their prices, though, because the quality of the food far surpasses what you're going to be paying. And, in my book, when you combine seriously delicious food with seriously fair prices, you've got yourself one big, huge win.


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4. Kinoya Izakaya

4250 Rue Saint-Denis

If you're a fan of authentic Japanese food, then you know exactly where you've got to eat next: Kinoya Izakaya. This St. Denis Street Japanese eatery has some seriously fresh, legit, and all-over delicious dishes (like grilled black cod, which I'm honestly totally down for at any time of the day). But this spot also scores some major bonus points for its atmosphere, which is super friendly and incredibly fun - making it the perfect spot to grab a bite with friends or a potential love interest.


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5. La Matraca

4607 Rue Saint-Denis

This Montreal taco spot has already been listed as having some of the best tacos in Montreal, so it's only natural that it's one of the top restaurants you need to visit on Montreal's St. Denis street. Why, though? Well, I'm glad you asked. Quite frainkly, La Matraca serves up some mind-blowing tacos: They're fresh, perfectly cooked, piled high with juicy, moist meats, fresh veggies, and flavourful toppings, and encased in a warm, delicious soft tortilla. Wrap this all together with their huge portions and fair prices, and you've got yourself your next fave.


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6. Le Bleu Raisin

5237 Rue Saint-Denis

You know what's beautiful? When two things that you didn't think would work end up being so awesome that you don't know why you ever doubted it. And at Bleu Raisin, they have a knack for doing that with their dishes. Everything on their French-inspired menu is super fresh and tasty, but some of their dishes in particular stand out for marrying flavours and textures together so well that you might just blow your mind wide open. (Maybe even literally).


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7. Pho Tay Ho

6414 Rue Saint-Denis

It's already been established that Pho Tay Ho serves up some of the best pho in Montreal, so it'd obviously be one of the main restaurants you need to check out whenever you're on St. Denis. Just what makes this pho spot so special, exactly? Well, frankly, their pho. This stuff is seriously delicious: the broth is complex and flavourful; their noodles are fresh, slightly chewy, and pretty much amazing; and everything comes together so perfectly that one slurp of this pho and you'll be hooked. For life, probably. The pho here is just that good.


A photo posted by Bastoun (@bastoun.4110) on

8. Bastoun

4110 Rue Saint-Denis

Straight up, this place is fantastic. Bastoun specializes in tapas; you can find seriously fresh and awesome classic tapas dishes, such as tartar and charcuterie boards, but you can also find some more unique options, like their olive tapenade. Don't worry too much about what you're going to pick, though. The tapas format means you can pick one of everything, and all of their food is seriously flavourful and delicious. Of course, don't worry if you're not feeling tapas: Bastoun also boasts a varied meal menu, with things like pesto prosciutto penne and duck.


A photo posted by Rue Rivard (@ruerivard) on

9. La Petite Marche

5035 Rue Saint-Denis

Brunch on point, life on point; and the brunch at La Petite Marche is super, super on point. A sample of their highly varied brunch menu? Crepes featuring goat cheese and figs; Kalamata olive omelettes; and eggplant eggs Benedict. Oh, and bonus points for their solid brunch cocktail menu (featuring Panaches!), too. Besides having awesome food, La Petite Marche boasts some seriously fair pricing and awesome portions - meaning that this spot will without a doubt become your new fave place to brunch, friends.


A photo posted by Naila E (@nailaxlaxla) on

10. Le Nil Bleu

3706 Rue Saint-Denis

This St. Denis spot focuses on Ethiopian food - and, trust, it's amazing. Before we get into the food, though, we need to talk about their decor. Equal parts elegant, original, and trendy, this place is seriously beautiful, and boasts a very similar vibe. Their food, though, is the true standout of this place. They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, meaning that vegetarians don't have to sit this place out - and the food itself is super tasty, fresh, and authentic. In other words? Yeah, this place is a huge win.


A photo posted by Danny Chann (@dannychann) on

11. Confusion

1635 Rue Saint-Denis

Anyone who's been to Confusion knows one thing: It is legitimately awesome. First of all, they serve up a lobster mac and cheese dish, which in and of itself is pretty much a huge win. But when you combine it with their trendy and fun atmosphere, their multitude of other fresh and delicious dishes, and their super fair prices, do you know what you get? You get your new favourite spot, my friends. The best part? It's a tapas restaurant, so you can order as much of their inspiring dishes as you want, and nobody will judge you.


A photo posted by Vanessa Bourque (@vbourque) on

12. Huis Clos

7659 Rue Saint-Denis

Firs of all, this Villeray eatery wins all the points for its super fun, trendy, laid-back atmosphere. Other than being pretty much the perfect place to hang out with friends, though, Huis Clos also has some seriously on point eats. Their oysters are so, so fresh, and served with their sauce? Yeah, it's like a symphony for your mouth. But although you definitely have to try their oysters, don't let that stop you from exploring their menu - everything here is so fresh and tasty that you can do absolutely no wrong.


A photo posted by Jessica ?From Montreal, Can (@jsi_byjessica) on

13. ChuChai

4088 Rue Saint-Denis

Vegetarian Thai food, anyone? Vegetarian Thai food everyone, actually: ChuChai serves up all your Thai food faves, except they've gotten rid of the meat and replaced it with vegetarian-friendly options. So not only do our vegetarian friends get to enjoy some seriously mouth watering Thai foods, but those of us who aren't vegetarian can still enjoy our faves - and, hey, the food here is so good that you're probably even going to find yourself a brand new fave.


A photo posted by Kenzie Teatero (@teatero) on

14. Artigiani

4657 Rue Saint-Denis

This Italian restaurant on St. Denis street is seriously, seriously legit. Although Artigiani is pretty famous for their pizzas - and rightfully so, as these morsels of happiness come fresh and delicious from a wood-burning oven - I personally think that the real star of the show is their pasta. Made fresh, using high-quality ingredients, each pasta dish is amazing in its own way, although I love their "Fusilli Artigiani" the most (it comes with a white wine sauce, prosciutto, and zucchini, to name a few).


A photo posted by littlemisslee (@_littlemisslee_) on

15. Ouzeri

4690 Rue Saint-Denis

Truth time, friends: isn't Greek food the actual best? Calamari, spanakopita, souvlaki, loukaniko - there's really absolutely no going wrong when it comes to Greek food. And, as it just so happens, St. Denis has one seriously awesome Greek food restaurant. Ouzeri features a menu of classic, legit Greek food that's made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. The result? some seriously impressive dishes of authentic Greek delights. Prepare for this spot to become your next addiction, guys.


A photo posted by Madeleine (@madeleine.sue) on

16. Los Planes Gourmet

4115 Rue Saint-Denis

Alright, who here loves pupusas? Everyone? That's awesome, because the pupusas at Los Planes Gourmet are fresh, authentic, and seriously delicious (the "Loca", with jalapeno peppers, garlic, cheese, and pork? Um, yeah, yes please). This St. Denis restaurant focuses on El Salvadorian cuisine, so their menu is full of El Salvadorian delights - like their mind blowing pupusas, fried yuca, tamales, and other delicious dishes - but no matter what you pick, everything is super fresh, authentic, and downright delicious.


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17. Resto Vego

1720 Rue Saint-Denis

Fans of vegetarian food, do I have some good news for you. Resto Vego is a vegetarian restaurant located on St. Denis that serves up some delicious and fresh food. Their menu boasts items such as a vegan "pulled pork" burger; pesto, arugula, and goat cheese naan pizzas; and vegan wraps. But their delicious food isn't even the best part. Want to know what is? Resto Vego is a buffet restaurant. That's right, friends. A vegetarian buffet - meaning you can have as much of their yummy vegan "pulled pork" burgers as you want. Amazing? Amazing.


A photo posted by Nicolas Emeryann (@emeryann) on

18. 5000 Ans

3441 Rue Saint-Denis

Alright, true talk: 5000 Ans is seriously amazing. Their menu features Japanese dishes, Korean dishes, and a Korean BBQ option, which pretty much means that no matter who you're going with, everyone's coming out happy. Add this fact in with their delicious, fresh, high-quality dishes (Yukke, what's good?), their super fair prices, and their awesome atmosphere, and what do you have? You have a good time, my friends. A seriously good time.


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19. L'Express

3927 Rue Saint-Denis

Ah, L'Express. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with this Plateau restaurant. First of all, I should mention that you absolutely need to try their steak tartar, which is fresh, flavourful, and seasoned perfectly. But, to be honest with you guys? Everything at L'Express can be described in this way - fresh, tasty, and pretty much perfect, there is no going wrong at L'Express.


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20. Tartine & Chocolat

4581 Rue Saint-Denis

Lovers of breakfast, rejoice. Tartine & Chocolat has some of the most delicious breakfasts you'll find in the city, and of course, should be an absolute stop whenever you find yourself on St. Denis street. Not only is this spot the home of some seriously delicious dishes, like their "Classique" crepe, featuring ham and béchamel sauce, or their Liege waffle featuring chantilly cream, strawberries, and almonds - but Tartine & Chocolat also boasts a seriously impressive Belgian chocolate beverage list. Some examples? Coconut flavoured hot chocolate, Oreo iced chocolate, and Masala chai hot chocolate. I know, friends. I know.


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