Best Sushi Restaurants In Montreal

Tasty, fresh, and straight-up awesome.
Best Sushi Restaurants In Montreal

I don't know about you guys, but I am totally obsessed with sushi. What kind of sushi? All the sushi. Literally. Sashimi, maki, nigiri, whatever. Get in ma belly. 

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And when you're as into sushi as I am, you've been to quite a few places, friends. I've legit been to too many sushi restaurants in Montreal than I can count, and although I'll be the first to admit that our sushi scene is fleek, a select few spots really stand out.


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1065 Beaver Hall Hill

This spot, situated near Square-Victoria metro, not only has some of the tastiest sushi rolls you can possibly try in the city, but it also happens to have some seriously welcoming, trendy, and intimate vibes, making it one of the most perfect spots for an awesome date night.



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711 Côte de la Place d'Armes

Located in Old Montreal, this seriously delicious sushi spot should absolutely be on your to-try list. Not only is the sushi incredibly fresh and incredibly flavourful, but it's also a super vibrant spot, with a seriously unbeatable location.



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378 Victoria Ave

Ask anyone where their favourite sushi place in the city is, and chances are they might just tell you it's this Westmount favourite. Spearheaded by chef Antonio Park, Park Restaurant and its above and beyond delicious, buttery sashimi will never disappoint.



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6394 Sherbrooke St E

This East End restaurant serves up sushi rolls you will legit be dreaming about for days. All the food here is super fresh and incredibly tasty, but their tasting menu in particular is something you've totally got to try.


5 Saisons Sushi

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5594 Sherbrooke St W

Situated in Montreal's NDG, this spot is a favourite for tons of Montrealers - and for good reason. Serving up deliciously delux and inventive sushi rolls, the meals here are just as delicious as they are beautiful.


Le Ninja

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1242 Bishop St

One of the newest spots on this list, Le Ninja has been making quite a splash in Montreal's sushi scene - and for good reason. The rolls are beautiful and inventive, the dishes are above and beyond tasty, and all in all, this is one incredibly solid spot to come and nosh on some raw fish.


Tri Express

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1650 Laurier Ave E

Pretty much an institution in Montreal at this point, this Plateau restaurant has been serving up seriously fresh and tasty rolls for ages. Not only is it delicious, but the casual, welcoming vibe here makes it the perfect spot to come and try out pretty much any time.


Jun I

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156 Avenue Laurier O

Ah, Jun I. This Plateau sushi spot is one of Montreal's most famous, and if you've ever been here, then you know exactly why. They serve up complex and fresh sushi rolls, made with super high quality ingredients, making for one sushi experience you won't soon forget.


Saint Sushi

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424 Avenue Duluth E

One of Montreal's more popular sushi spots, Saint is a somewhat hidden sushi restaurant in the Plateau. Their rolls are incredibly creative and incredibly delicious, and although the spot is small, it's an incredibly warm and welcoming spot!


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