Best "Taco Tuesdays" In Montreal

The most wonderful day of the week.

Okay, tacos are life. I don't know why, but there's just something about piling tasty toppings into a palm-sized tortilla that makes everything in life instantly 100x better.

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And in Montreal, we're very lucky to have tons of delicious spots to nosh on some tacos. There are a select few, though, that are not only awesome, but also happen to honor Taco Tuesday with tasty tacos and fleek prices.

1. Don Taco

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1853 Rue Sainte-Catherine

A small, delicious taco spot near Concordia University, Don Taco specializes in serving up legit-tasting burritos and tacos. Although their tacos are super affordable any day of the week, on Tuesdays, they grace us all with $1 specials on their dorado tacos.

2. Cartel

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101 Avenue Fairmount O

Probably synonymous with "delicious and legit tacos" in Montreal, Cartel Street Food Bar has delicious tacos any day of the week. But on Tuesdays, their awesome tacos happen to be served at the even more awesome price of $2.


3. Le Ice & Tacos

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12275 Rue Rolland

Situated in Montreal North (where my fellow MTL Northers at?), Le Ice & Tacos is a relatively new taco spot in the city. They're known for serving up some seriously tasty Mexican fare, including fresh, yummy tacos, served up for $1 on Tuesdays.


4. Mr. Azteca

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7349 Rue St-Hubert

Featuring tasty, authentic, fresh tacos, Mr. Azteca is definitely going to up your taco game in the city. Best part? They offer dollar tacos on Tuesday. I know, guys. I know.


5. T&T Tacos & Tortas

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51 Rue Rachel O

I'm seriously in love with this Plateau spot, guys. Their tacos are awesome, mostly thanks to one thick, flavourful, and seriously fresh tortilla, piled high with fresh and yummy ingredients. On Tuesdays, T&T offers 3 of their tacos for $9.


6. Mee-Ho

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6670 Rue St-Hubert

If you've ever been to Plaza St-Hubert, then the chances are very high you've passed by this colourful, fun Mexican restaurant. Their food is hands-down delicious, and the best part? Their tacos are all $1. That's right, friends. Enjoy.


7. Tacos Victor

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4376 Rue Notre-Dame O

Tacos Victor doesn't exactly offer up any taco Tuesday deals, but trust, you need to get yourself here and sample one of their beyond delicious tacos - many of which are served up with a helping of fries, right inside.


8. La Capital Tacos

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1096 Boul St-Laurent

Although this spot doesn't necessarily have any specials on Tuesdays, this Chinatown taco eatery is still one place you absolutely need to visit on your next taco quest. Try their rib-eye tacos now, and thank me later.


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